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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 08.27.08


Will Carly let Sonny see Morgan? RUMORS say that the former spouses have a talk when Sonny returns from the island. He'll tell Carly that being on the island brought back lots of memories of their happy times there as a family. EARLY RUMORS said Carly would be upset that Sonny took Kate to the island, a place they spent so much time together with the boys. That MAY still hold true, however, the LATEST is that Carly will tell Sonny that if the violence continues to stay at a low, she'll let him see his son. Calm before the storm? Remember, Kate finds out about the limo sex around this same time.  Could it even be part of this same conversation when Clarice overhears?  RUMORS say that Jax believes Kate is lying in yet another attempt to undermine his wife and it appears that Sonny tells the truth.

I mentioned Jax moving back in around all of this. 
Is he buying Carly a new house?  Can they take the curtains with them? I love those curtains!  Or if the set designer at General Hospital happens to be reading this blog, can I have them?  They'd match my living room perfectly. 

More on Matt Hunter and his secret.  Well his secret about the counterfeit drugs his familial connection to Port Chuck is another story.  He spills to Maxie about his patient that died but is he sharing even more?  RUMORS say he'll tell Maxie he has a person on the inside. Someone inside Karpov's organization is feeding the doc information. Is this what Jerry overhears?  RUMORS say yes and the former Mr. Craig takes his info straight to Karpov who orders Matt Hunter dead.  Maxie promises to keep her trap shut but could this be how Maxie and Spinelli find themselves involved in the great drug caper?  Spinelli needs to heal first and remember, he takes a turn for the worse.  Patrick blames Matt for Spinelli's setback.  Will Maxie share back?  RUMORS say she tells Matt about her parental situation and these RUMORS go on to say that Spinelli sees the two and gets the wrong idea.


Karpov causes trouble from afar.  He has his visa revoked, as I mentioned, and Jax MAY have something to do with that.  No worries, Sasha stays put and takes orders from Karpov until he returns closer to sweeps.

Is this even possible? Edward Quartermaine on jury duty? RUMORS say Edward and Epiphany land their butts in the juror pool and the case they are assigned to... Johnny's murder trial!  Is that even possible?  Danielle our legal eagle may need weigh in on this one. Don't stop reading there D! RUMORS also say that Scotty finds a way to have Alexis removed from the case leaving his butt in the prosecution's chair. Can the victim's father try the case? 

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Is Johnny found guilty?  At some point I believe it does happen and this MAY be where Laura is able to step in and help but that would be when Genie Francis is said to be returning in October.  Unless that was all FALSE.  We will see.  RUMORS say that Johnny initially gets off on a technicality.  Johnny and Lulu's story will continue with Nikolas trying to help the lovelorn couple and Lucky fighting against them.  When Luke returns, RUMORS say he'll first side with Lucky.  Luke will play a role in Lulu getting better, just not at first.  Nikolas is on the right track, Lucky is not.

What about the Z's?  Will Johnny listen to his family and ditch Lulu?  Hell No!  He loves that girl.  Going against his father, no biggie but will Johnny go against Claudia?  I'm hearing yes.

Scrubs Stuff... the PA system is used again. This time it's Robin with the microphone.  The third time is not the charm from what I understand.  Scrubs gets it in two tries.  RUMORS have this happening next Friday.  First comes baby then comes marriage and the wedding SHOULD happen after Robin recovers from the delivery.

RANDOM RUMORS... Will Jerry admit to Alexis what he's been up to?  Johnny does damage, to himself, for Lulu. Who fathered Matt Hunter?  RUMORS say it's been changed a few times but Matt MAY now have a dad.  Jason tells Elizabeth he's sorry. Ric saves the day and Johnny's cushy visitation by stopping Scotty from shipping his client off to Pentonville.  Sasha visits the Jackal? 

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If you didn't, here's what you missed yesterday.

Funny the question of the OTHER Russian Mobster came up today...
some info on him just came across my screen. According to reports, he will be back sometime next week.


OTHER SCOOP! Tony Geary SHOULD return to taping on the 3rd of September. Also, RUMORS say that Luke, Lucky and Nikolas will have no idea that Laura is breaking through her catatonic state. Lulu will keep her mother's secret (so I would guess those Scotty RUMORS are false) until Genie Francis makes her second return in October. It appears that the original information stands true, Laura will only interact with Lulu this time around.

Anyone remember the friendship of Sam and Maxie?
Fans actually liked the two vixens as friends but when LuSam began, it seemed that the friendship fizzled. Now I am hearing that Sam may lend some friendly comfort to Maxie and be at the hospital with her.

JoLu on the run again? RUMORS say Nikolas helps Johnny bust Lulu out of the looney bin.