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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu/Laura: After the Lulu/Laura scenes today, I’m even more convinced that Laura is just a figment of Lulu’s imagination. Laura’s always awake and available when Lulu shows up. Laura always says what Lulu wants to hear. Logan never shows up in Laura’s room, just in Lulu’s or in the hallway. And then Laura actually stood up and hugged Lulu today. So, just like Nikolas saw and touched and interacted with Emily, I believe Lulu is interacting with Laura, which is unfortunate, but makes more sense than that she’s awake and not telling anyone.

Sonny/Kate/Jax/Carly: I liked that Jax was holding his own with Karpov and got a couple of threats in there. Jax as corporate raider/businessman always interests me more than Jax as Carly’s lapdog.

And speaking of Carly, what is it about her that interests Karpov (and every man in town) anyway? Also, I wasn’t sure if I should be impressed by her standing up to Karpov or think she’s a total idiot.

Did Kate make the comment that Sonny had dated cousin Olivia back in the day? I thought when she mentioned Olivia the other day, that Sonny had no clue who she was talking about. Maybe I misheard, since Skate tend to bore me.

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Maxie: Love, love, love Maxie trying to find Jason and her getting both Bernie and Diane over to the office to get the information for her. Loved that she threatened Diane with no clothes from Kate, or the stuff going to Alexis instead.

Line of the day:

Maxie to Bernie/Diane: “If something happens to Spinelli and Jason finds out that you didn’t tell me where he was, he’s going to fire you……or worse.”

Just the inflection that KS put on the “Or worse” made me laugh.

Scrubs: I love Scrubs, but stop using the hospital intercom for all your conversations. I get why Robin doesn’t want to marry him though. It also looks like were back to the mouse pillow for belly again.

I’ve never been a fan of Spinelli’s fantasies, but now that he has that haircut, he did look good in this one.