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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop!  08.28.08


Lulu's spilling more than just her murderous secret. She'll tell Laura that she did not kill Rick Webber.

Everyone's asking: Where's Jason?  Why hasn't he been to the hospital to check on his grasshopper? We'll learn that Jason is in South America on business. Maxie will insist that Diane get a message to him. Spinelli needs him!

Witness list... Claudia and Lulu are both RUMORED to take the stand in Johnny's trial. Talk about the right to a speedy trial!  What lie will Claudia be telling under oath this time? The trial should begin later on next week.

Johnny enlists Nikolas' help.  Who will Nik need help from?  Jason!

Elizabeth is really upset with Jason.  Pay attention to their dialogue on Tuesday.  Yes, Liason Fans, Friday's stuff carries over to Tuesday!  RUMORS surrounding sweeps have all this here and there paying off.  Liason will continue with their angst and get a slow build with everything coming to a head for sweeps.  Jason thinks he's keeping his family safe.  He'll learn he's wrong. 

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Health Scare for Scrubs?  RUMORS say Robin has a bit of false labor pains.  My GUESS?  Stress related. 

Nadine-Nikolas-Claudia triangle? And where does Ric fit in? RUMORS say we're getting a bad vs. evil sort of thing with Nadine and Claudia. Does it all depend on Sarah Brown? RUMORS say that so far, no extention has been signed for the actress so unless something changes, Claudia is gone by January.  Why not a classic soap love triangle until then?  Nikolas has sweet Nadine and then this undeniable attraction to bad girl Claudia.  Don't count out Ric Lansing. EARLY RUMORS had Ric and Claudia hooking up and we all know they're deal.  I would GUESS that Rick Hearst's contract will play into how much he gets to play onscreen. Rick's current contract expires in October. So far, no word on how things are going. MEMO to TPTB, ya know just in case they're reading, DO WHATEVER YOU MUST TO KEEP RICK HEARST.  Oh and I am still waiting on those curtains


LuSam Fans... your couple MAY be co-habitating soon. 


Karpov orders a hit? I mentioned Karpov ordering one on Matt Hunter yesterday.  There are RUMORS that he sends gunmen to Kate and Sonny's wedding and NOW I am hearing he MAY send a bullet in Sam McCall's direction.  These RUMORS also say that Sam is saved... by Jerry Jacks. Will someone else wind up with a bullet in them?

RANDOM RUMORS... Matt Hunter is a lurker and this time he's spying on Noah & Anna.  Ric keeps his promises.  Claudia does too, only Ric tells her the "payment" isn't necessary.  Does Kate have a dark side? If she does, it's coming out to play.  Claudia hits on Patrick.  More secrets?  Can we get answers to the 500 other secrets hanging out there first?