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The Young and the Restless: Spoilers

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Cane: He rips into Chloe for her duplicity.


Noah: The teen asks his parents for a favor.

Nick and Jack: The men decide who gets ownership of Restless Style. While this is going down, Smilin’ Jack looks for a new partner in crime for his plan to destroy Victor.

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Victor: Seems like his letters were spur of the moment or full of hot air, the Newman patriarch strikes out at Nick and Victoria.

Jill: In the wake of the Restless Style expose on Jabot, she gets the Martha Stewart experience when the SEC approaches her.

Daniel: He decides confessions good for the soul comes clean to Colleen.

Coming soon: As reported a month ago, The Young and the Restless, will be on location in Paris this October. Our own Melodie suspected that it might have something to do with Victor and Sabrina,  Mel is partly right with her theory. Eric Braeden's Victor will be heading to "The City of Light" along with Sharon Case(Sharon), Eileen Davidson (Ashley) and Joshua Morrow (Nick). Could the trip to France be part of the storyline of Ashley's return?