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Y&R: Fashionista busted as maid's daughter!

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Hang onto your hats everyone! The true identity of The Young and the Restless' Chloe is revealed as Esther's daughter Kate! As reported earlier, Chloe has a secret besides not being pregnant with the Chancellor heir. According to Soap Opera Digest, the quirky fashion diva gets a long overdue reunion with her mother Esther.


"Esther hasn't seen Chloe yet, so she doesn't realize that she and Kate are the same person," explains Kate Linder. "She's always liked Lily, so before Chloe shows up, she's going on about how Chloe got pregnant to hold on to Cane. When she sees her daughter there - and that Kate is pregnant - she's floored. I was shocked too! I had no idea about this reveal."

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The shocking revelation upends the Chancellor mansion as Esther comes to terms with her daughter's betrayal while Jill sets out to rid Chloe from Cane's life and Lily ponders the possibility that Chloe duped Cane with her baby and marriage.

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