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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Rick Hearst was on fire today!!! I like when they write him strong and kick ass. None of this wussy with a boring love interest or second in command to his pig of a father. No, he was rocking it. Standing up to Anthony, in a believable way. And as much as Anthony was ticked, I do think Anthony, crazy as he may be, probably respects Ric more when he’s the way he was today rather than when he’s standing around doing nothing.

Ric: "It's about time you realize you're powerless in this situation. Your greatest contribution would be to shut up and stay out of this."

Anthony: "No one speaks to me this way"

Ric: (long sigh): "Yes. I know. And by the way, if anything should happen to Claudia or Lulu Spencer, I'll throw you back in jail where you'll rot"

Anthony: " I'll tolerate you just as long as you clear my sons of all charges"

Ric: "Understand this Anthony, this is way bigger than your ego. Now get out."

So Anthony leaves and Claudia says:

Claudia: "I didn't mention this before, but I saw Johnny kill Logan in self defence and I'll testify to it"

Ric: (looks her up and down, gets that 'Ric' smile on his face and smugly): "You're a liar"

Me likey!!

Blooper of the day: When the show opens, Spinelli's talking to Jason on the phone. The camera pans the room and on the side table, there are two get well cards and a cactus. I noticed it because one of the cards had a weird cat on it and I thought, ‘how cute, someone gave Spin a cactus’. But twenty minutes later, Elizabeth walks in with a cactus to give to Spin and puts it down on the table in the empty space beside the two get well cards. So, the cactus shouldn’t have been in the opening scene. Clearly someone in editing didn't notice the order the scenes were taped in.

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Lulu/Laura: Again, I’m thinking it’s all in Lulu’s imagination. Mostly because Laura’s way more animated than someone who just came out of catatonia should be and the staff never interrupt them when they’re talking like this. I would think someone would come and check periodically on the miracle patient who has woken up.

Liason: I’m not a fan, but the kiss was hot. Mostly because Jason was all dressed up and not in the infernal black t-shirt.

Skate: I’m not a fan and they continue to annoy.

Scrubs: Eh, I am a fan and they continue to annoy. Here’s a crazy thought, maybe Robin is just one of those women who don't need to be married.

Maxie/Matt: Are we finally going to get an explanation for his strange behaviour? Please tell me it’s something creative, like he’s undercover with the WSB.