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General Hospital: SOAPnet Sneak Peek

SOAPnet has a great Sneak Peek into what's coming up on General Hospital.  It answers a few of the unanswered from the daily SPOILER grind. Here's a glimpse:


Just when things get bad in Port Charles ... they get worse. Johnny's (Brandon Barash) trial for Logan's murder begins, but he's still determined not to let girlfriend Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) take the fall, even though she did it. If we lived in Port Charles, we'd be totes suspicious of Lulu. I mean, she's been flipping out every two seconds while Logan's supposed killer, Johnny, is cool as a cucumber. Johnny's black-leather-loving big sis Claudia (Sarah Brown) gets wind of the truth, so the secret may not last too long. Especially when Scott (Kin Shriner) forges some documents to make it look like Logan was an undercover cop, meaning his murderer automatically gets the death penalty.

How does Clarice find out about the Limo Sex?  She overhears Max and Diane!

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