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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 08.29.08


Happy Liason Day!  Today's the day my fellow Liason Fans. Their scenes kick off today and continue on Tuesday.  Keep watching all week though. Elizabeth gives Jason the cold shoulder at GH and we MAY have another scene after that as well. 

Lulu sees dead people.  She'll see Logan while talking to Laura.  Will Mommy send the bad guy away? I mentioned before... this storyline MAY have Lucky looking like a jerk when really, he just wants what is best for Lulu.  Lucky wants Lulu to stay away from Johnny.  Lu says she'll never forgive him if he takes Johnny away from her.

Claudia figures it out.  Look for Claudia to put the pieces together and see the real picture.  Lulu killed Logan. What will a girl on the witness stand do with that information?  Claudia is desperate to get Johnny released, will she spill the truth?  No!  This is Claudia, she lies on witness stands.  Don't count out Lulu's prince.  Nikolas has the ammunition to keep Claudia's mouth closed. Claudia hurt? Sick?  RUMORS say that she wants to get to Johnny's trial but Patrick won't let her leave the hospital.

Robin may have said No...but Patrick isn't a quitting kind of man. Well, at least not until the false labor pains happen.  When Kelly gives the couple the all clear and the news that mommy and baby are ok, Patrick promises to back off. 

Sonny and Kate took a vacay.  Will it be as relaxing as Kate thought?

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Maxie is moving in!  But it really has nothing to do with Matt Hunter.  She packs her bags and takes up residence at the Penthouse to nurse Spinelli to a speedy recovery.  Will Maxie be the cause of the Mob War?  RUMORS have her saying something that could possibly set a war in motion.  RUMORS say Sasha shows up to tell Jason the Karpov organization had nothing to do with the hit and run on Spinelli.  Maxie, never one to turn down a bitch fight, threatens the attorney with death at Jason's hands should Karpov and Company not stay away from Spinelli.  Thankfully, Jason walks in and puts the ranting to rest, kicks Sasha out and tells Maxie she's next to go if she doesn't stick to her nursely duties. Also out there... Maxie and Trevor mixing it up.


Limo Sex revealed!  Kate and Jax present a unified front when confroting their significant others.  Alexis warns Jax that he is only asking for heartache by staying with Carly. 

Finola Hughes News!  RUMORS say the actress has been asked to extend her stay through November.  Don't forget, Anna also makes the primetime leap to Night Shift


Monday is a Labor Day Replay. Logan dies, again, the Jax and Kate paparazzi incident and Robin goes to see Sonny.

PROGRAMMING NOTE... I might put a SPOILER post up on Monday.  It really depends on how my Labor Day goes.