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One Life to Live: SOAPnet Sneak Peek

It's One Life to Live's turn!  Here's the Sneak Peek at the latest drama to hit Llanview!


That Tina, always getting into trouble. Next week, she (and her little dog, too) stumbles right into the secret room that Tess is constructing in the basement ... only to get busted by Tess. Which is really not good. Better hope you're wearing comfortable clothes, Tina, considering what Tess has in store for you (and we don't mean that chiffon robe with the fur and high heels that doubles as sleepwear). By the end of the week, Tina's not alone in terms of Tess's victim count.

Rex, Gigi, Brody and a paternity test?  Starr is getting ready for birth.  Marty and Todd... kiss?  Check it out!

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