All My Children Scoops & Spoilers


Happy Labor Day! Today's All My Children is a repeat of Angie and Jesse's wedding gone bad!


Angie/Jesse: I told you last week that questions start come up about what Jesse was doing for 20 years. While Jesse is reluctant to talk about those days, he does reveal that he was institutionalized for depression. Strong rumors are surfacing that Jesse had a family equipped with wife and children (or child). Could this be the end of Angie and Jesse? Stay tuned. My friend and fellow DC co-worker, Belinda gives us her insight into how Angie is now and how she was when she came back in her new column click here for details. It's a must read!

Krystal/Kathy/Tad: Kathy puts her step mommy in danger by shoving her off a ladder. Krystal tells Tad the girl needs to seek therapy ASAP! Adam/Pete: Last week, Lucifer I mean Adam, showed his true color. Loved the Erica scenes. This week he is in full-tilt mode when Pete helps Adam poison the fake Bella perfume bottle. The plan back fires when Colby puts it on and becomes loopy. Will Adam help her or make everyone think she's drinking again?

Erica is fuming about the relationship between Carmen and Jack, so why not look to her ex-husband Adam for comfort? Stop there! Krystal might be rethinking her feelings for Adam. Could we see a triangle? Looks that way! Fusion Gals: Babe tells Annie to move into the Chandler mansion after hearing that her marriage is over. Annie takes her up on it so she can get closer to Babe and share information with Adam. Kendall gives a stern warning to Amanda by telling her not get too comfortable in the big chair.

Aidan/Ryan/Annie/Greenlee: Ok, who liked the beat down? I was a bit disappointed because Aidan is Special Ops. Come on and show your stuff! I did like that Aidan got most of the punches in though. As we have seen in the past weeks, Annie is losing her mind every day with the help of Richie. The scorned Lavery begins her plot to take Greenlee down, even after Ryan tells her their marriage is over. Special Ops and the scorned Lavery find Ryan and Greens alone together.

Zach finds out that Josh is an embezzler and Kendall comes to her brother's defense. I guess this is how you go on recurring status. Randi and Frankie get closer when she opens up that she has never been with anyone. This blogger likes that and she is rethinking her position on Randi. Taylor comes to Randi's rescue when she is attacked by Fletcher.

Until next time!