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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Here's the Labor Day Scoop!

Claudia visits Lulu.  She's not there for a friendly visit. Remember, Claudia figures out the truth. RUMORS say Nikolas is there and gives Claudia the boot.  Will this be when Nikolas says, if you tell, I tell?  Nik tells Johnny that Claudia went to Shadybrook.


Lulu testifying?  RUMORS say she takes the stand.  Is a mental patient a credible witness? 

Matt and Nadine... danger awaits!  SPOILERS say that Jerry puts the nurse and doc in a dangerous situation. 

Fans hate that Maxie is moving in with the local Mob Boss.  When I post those type of SPOILERS, the first response is always about Mac not approving. This time I am hearing we MAY actually see Mac's disapproval on screen. Crazy? I know! These RUMORS say that Mac and Robin have a scene where they discuss Maxie's new living arrangements.  Will Elizabeth overhear? 

More Liason?  RUMORS have them sharing the screen on the 11th,12th and 15th.  I hate using dates but IF this is true, it appears that Liason is getting the RUMORED increase in screen time. Will we see Jason trying to make Liz understand with his shirt unbuttoned?  It's no shirtless scene but this girl will take whatever skin she can get.


Kate knows about the LIMO S-E-X!  Now Sonny has to win his fiance back.  Will Kate pull an Emily (not Quartermaine, Emily from Friends) and tell Sonny he needs to stay away from Carly?

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Anthony and Trevor up to no good?  RUMORS say the evil duo have some plans not yet played.  Will they team up to frame Claudia for Logan's murder?  RUMORS say daddy dearest decides to make it look like Johnny is protecting his sister. 

Is Matt a Drake? The RUMORS seem to be pointing more and more in that direction and we can't forget that was the original intention for the Logan Hayes character. Let's make this a FANFIC or SPOILER? You be the judge. Here we go... RUMORS say this is happening and it MAY be a plot point. Would TPTB really have a plot point this major to move along another storyline? Sure they would, this is General Hospital were talking about.  However, as plot point as this may be, it should tie into an old storyline. These RUMORS say that Noah knew he had another child but his first shot at fatherhood was a major flop and figured staying away was better for the child.  While this will give Patrick and Matt more to argue over and tension between Matt and Noah, the real point of this is another plot point for Jason and Jake. It's not all about Jason though.  It will once again bring up the father-son turmoil that seemed to be going away between Noah and Patrick. The old storyline being referenced? Robin is RUMORED to tell Patrick about her own hidden existence when she was a child. True SPOILER or a good FANFIC? You be the judge.


More on Matt's story... it seems that Patrick will soon learn that his father had an affair.  This will be where Matt comes from.  RUMORS have Matt telling Maxie the truth.  Also, more about Matt's connection to the great drug caper storyline will be revealed.

General Hospital and their secrets.  They just love secrets in Port Charles.  RUMORS are saying that Kate's secrets will be exposed at her wedding. Remember, a surprise guest is RUMORED to attend. 

Alan returns... his ghostly presence will be at Johnny's trial with Tracy. 

Wedding Dates? Who will be at the Skate wedding?  I'm hearing Carly comes solo but Jax soon arrives.  Were the Bride and Groom expecting Carly? Nope.  Jason's invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.  Elizabeth will not attend BUT RUMORS say Lucky asks her to be his date so the fake break up can stay intact.  Nikolas and Nadine are RUMORED to attend together.  Who is Ric's date to big brother's wedding? According to the RUMORS, Claudia!

Tune in Tuesday for more!