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Bold and Beautiful: Defending Pam

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I pity the fool of a lawyer who has to defend Pam (Alley Mills) in any upcoming trial, once she's been apprehended for allegedly poisoning Eric and taking Donna hostage.


Any lawyer worth their salt should be able to use an insanity defense, considering we know she's been off her medication, but what other "plausible" defense could Pam's lawyer use to get Pam off?

Obviously, the "I hate honey bears" defense won't cut it with most jurors, but if I were a juror and it came up as part of the defense I might actually consider giving it some serious thought. No juror should endure hearing Donna refer to Eric as "honey bear" the way we, and Pam have had to (I probably wouldn't make the best of jurors on this case, I know). It really could drive someone to insanity. Here's to hoping Pam doesn't serve time. Heaven knows, as forgiving as Eric is, Pam will probably be back to baking lemon bars within the month.

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