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Days of Our Lives: Hypocrite Oath

The good people of Salem have their own set of rules whenever trouble befalls them. It doesn't come as much of a surprise how hippocritical they are towards some, while overlooking the misdeeds of those they love.


Marlena chides Sami whenever the younger woman gets herself into mischief, but why isn't anyone taking Doc Evans to task for playing God with Stefano? Sure, Stefano is no saint and he should probably be ran over by a big rig, have lemon juice and honey poured on his wounds, then be thrown on a fire ant hill for the the dastardly deeds he's done, but Marlena took an oath when she became a physician. The oath to help others mandating she check her personal feelings at the door and use her professional judgement. I guess she mistook that class and wound up taking the Hypocrite's Oath.

And what of Salem's other superheroes? Does Bo and Hope Brady mean "two-faced" in Swahili? As much as I love them and their crime fighting ways, it boggles the mind that they can play judge, jury and executioner on a whim. The duo ride NuJohn about his less than upstanding tactics, yet they invite Kate Roberts to their wedding renewal? Wasn't Kate the one that had their niece sent to death row? Didn't she have Sami take some freaky herbs that caused her foe to take a tumble off a cliff just so Lucas could gain custody of Will? This is the same Kate that plotted and pitted Bo and Hope against each other all in the name of family. Yet, when Victor tried to get the heat taken off his own son in the name of family, he's the villain? How can you forgive one and not the other?

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