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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.02.08


RUMORS of a Re-Do? We all know how General Hospital loves to recycle storylines.  Are we in store for another one? Get your SALT BOULDERS out people, this one's a doozy! Elizabeth's attendance at Sonny and Kate's wedding has been a question out there. EARLY RUMORS said she wouldn't be in the position to be there. Other RUMORS have Lucky asking her to be his date so that his and Sam's fake break up isn't exposed. Those RUMORS go on to say that Elizabeth tells her ex she'll meet him there if she can.

The LATEST? Elizabeth decides to meet Lucky at the wedding only she never makes it there. The RUMORS say she'll get into a car accident and the end result? Amnesia! Sounds like Nikolas' storyline when Mary first came into the picture, doesn't it? Just like Nikolas, Elizabeth will be lost although I'm not seeing the crazy widow this time. Does this RUMOR tie into the ones where Jason has no choice but to claim his son? Elizabeth will be presumed dead after a search.  Will this tie into Sweeps? RUMORS say that Elizabeth finds her way back in November and finds her boys with Jason.There are some online RUMBLINGS that while the basics of the above are true, there MAY be a little Fan Fic added in.

Carly and Kate... bitch fight!  Carly goes after Kate for telling Jax and Connie comes out to play with a slap. 

First comes love, then the affair, then the's comes the groom in the Mob Carriage.  RUMORS say Sonny finds his way back to the mob after the "I Do's."  Would Sonny take the business back if Jason needed him to?

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