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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I know the timeline on this show can be pretty wacky at times, but this one takes the cake. Nadine mentions that her dinner/waltz date with Nikolas was “last night”. That means that everything that happened to Spinelli (getting hit by the car, having surgery, getting sick from the meds, recovering from the bad meds) all happened in one night. Not to mention eleventy billion visits to Johnny from various people. Several back and forths between Scrubs and between CarJax. All of Lulu and Laura’s “visits” and the Liason stuff would have all happened in the time that Nik/Nadine had their date up until “today”. Uhm, yeah.

Maxie/Spin/Jason: I missed most of that because of my fusspot of a baby (otherwise known as Cranky McCranky-pants!), but was the gist of it that Maxie is planning on lying on the stand to save her butt?

Also missed some of the Scrubs stuff (and I was too lazy to rewind the tape!!), but is Patrick running around town, getting everyone to bully Robin into marrying him? Yeah, that’s the way to a woman’s heart.

Loved that Edward is on the jury. First, because it gets him out of the ABCSenior’s closet, but also because he’s such a crochety fusspot that this will just annoy the pants off of him. Also, sitting beside Epiphany won’t help. Although I’m sure that it’s completely not kosher that he’s on there, considering he’s Tracy’s father and she’s Lulu’s step mother.

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Loved seeing Tracy back and I liked that we got an Alan sighting.

That woman judge, have we seen her on this show before? She looks very familiar to me, and I can’t for the life of me figure out where I’ve seen her before. Anyone know?

Interesting that Laura left before Tracy got there and was it just me or did Lulu look all freaked out when Tracy showed up, like she didn’t want Tracy to catch her talking to “Laura”.

I find it hard to believe that work-a-holic Kate wouldn’t have left an emergency number for Clarice to reach her. Poor Clarice has to run around town, trying to find someone who can give her Sonny’s number (yet doesn’t think to call Carly and ask her) That’s just a plot point and a bad one at that.