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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I have a splitting headache and not much patience, so the obs today will be brief. Maybe I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow!!

Diane insisted that Max should tell Kate the truth about limo-sex. Clarice insisted that she needed to speak with Kate, but Kate insisted it could wait. When Kate finally got her head out of the clouds, Clarice insisted limo-sex had happened.

Spinelli insisted he needs to be more of a man. Jason insisted that Spinelli doesn’t need to be more of a man. Maxie insisted on moving in with Spinelli.

Scotty insisted that Logan was an undercover cop and supposedly has proof. Ric insisted that Scotty forged the proof. The judge insisted that she believed Scotty and insisted on making this a capital case, despite that New York is not a capital state (or so I’m told). Edward insisted on bypassing the trial and dumping Johnny in prison. The judge insisted he shut his pie hole or spend a night in jail on contempt charges.

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Lulu insisted she wanted to know what was happening with the trial. Lucky insisted she didn’t. Nikolas insisted he tell her about Johnny and the death penalty, which he did. Lulu insisted to Imagination Laura that everything is all her fault.

Sonny insisted he should have sent the shells back to Carly after the “deee-vorce”. Carly insisted she’s happily married to Jax.

Alexis insisted to Jax that he should never have married Carly (I’m paraphrasing!!). Jax insisted he loves Carly (or something, I wasn’t really paying attention!!).

The word of the day today: insisted. Class dismissed!!!