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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.04.08


More Liason coming? Yep! RUMORS are all over the place about more scenes for my favorite couple. They even taped together a few days ago. I am hearing that Jason once again pushes Elizabeth away. roe0824, I checked into the RUMORS and I am seeing the same stuff. Get your SALT BOULDERS out, just to be safe. There are RUMORS that Liason has sex again and the timeline of events seems to fit with the RUMORS that Elizabeth is getting into an accident. SPOILERS have said for weeks now that Jason can not stay away from Elizabeth. He'll bid her goodbye after the sexay times but from what I can gather, its just goodbye, not forever. A couple days after that, SHOULD be when the accident happens, IF it happens.  Is it Elizabeth asking Jason for just one more night together?

Word of caution...
when I first reported on the accident, the RUMBLINGS were that the basic outline of what's out there was true but there seemed to be some FanFic thrown in.  I have no problem with FanFic as most of what's out there is better than what we see on a daily basis. I know Tina agrees with me.  BUT, this is a SPOILER post on what's SUPPOSED to be happening on our screens, hence the word of caution.

What about the amnesia storyline? RUMORS say it's still happening. I am still seeing that Elizabeth is presumed dead after the accident. Dream sequence? It MAY be happening while Elizabeth is "away."

Remember the RUMORS about a run in between Elizabeth and Sasha?
It SEEMS that it is still happening and it MAY be Sasha who learns of Jason Morgan's weakness. Is it Jerry who tells the Russian Mobster's legal eagle about Jason and Elizabeth? Could Sasha be behind Elizabeth's accident?

Lulu's confession... Scott goes after her on the stand and the RUMORS say this is when she confesses.  Also, Lulu will find out that Johnny is facing the death penaly and she refuses to let him die for something she did.  Nikolas wants Scotty to pay for what he put Lulu through.  SPOILERS say Laura tries to convince her daughter to leave the country before her testimony.  Nikolas asks Jason to help him get Lulu out of the country.  Will Lulu really confess on the stand?  It appears that she doesn't as Johnny's trial is still in full swing after she testifies.


Will Laura tell her sons she's awake? RUMORS say she has every intention to but it does not happen.  Does Laura slip away before the reunion?

Sam's trying to pull one over on Jerry.  She'll tell him she wants to be bad again and she MAY even come on to him a bit in her attempt to convince him.  Will he believe her? What about Alexis? RUMORS say Jerry comes clean with the D.A. about his dealings with Karpov. He MAY be forced to tell Alexis the truth when she sees him with Sasha.


LuSam Fans... I am still hearing that your couple MAY be living together soon. 

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Skate's happening and Sonny convinces Kate that the Limo Sex was out of pain and nothing else. He'll convince the Fashionista that his love for her is true. Kate's wedding day MAY not be the happiest day of her life though. Don't forget that Olivia is coming.

What about CarJax?
Jax dumps his cheating wife but Carly never gives up without a fight and she'll be fighting Kate soon.  CRAZY RUMOR... remember when I mentioned Carly remembering Elizabeth was once a surrogate for Jax and Courtney?  At that time, it was PRESUMED that Carly was thinking of Liz being a surrogate for her and Jax.  Perfect example of how an outline gets blown out of proportion.  What's RUMORED to happen is that Carly remembers her husband made a deposit and she gets a plan going.  Get the sperm, get pregnant and get her husband back.  

Birthday?  SPOILERS say Robin and Patrick's baby is born on October 29th.

The Great Drug Caper...
is it more than just fake drugs?

RANDOM RUMOR... that the Clinic is exploding.  I only saw it once and in conjunction with some Liason stuff so I am ASSUMING it's a bit of FanFic. 

Pisces: Yes I have seen the "reports" that Guza is on notice and has until Sweeps to pull it together. Is it true? I'm not so sure. The ratings are still OK in the key demos.  BUT, there has been a lot of fan outcry recently.  Only time will tell.

Don't forget to check the comments...if you didn't, here's what you missed:

There is a car accident coming... soon. It involves Sonny and Claudia and I believe I spoiled it waaaaay back, so far back I'm not sure I remember all the details. Its when Patrick will treat Claudia. It should be before she takes the stand and I believe Claudia leaves the hospital AMA to go to the trial. Anyone remember these? I would guess its another attempt on his daughter's life by ZaCrazy.

RUMOR... that Robin givng birth (the actual event not the upcoming scare) will kick off Sweeps. Remember the RUMORS that Patrick delivers the baby in less than desirable circumstances? Could it be during a snow storm? Wouldn't a snow storm be more fitting for February Sweeps?

OH for the love of God... MORE SECRETS!
Not only is Olivia a bit of a secret of Kate's but the latest word is that Olivia hits town with a secret of her own. Memo to GH Writers: We're a little bit sick of the secrets. Tell us the answers to the other secrets and THEN come up with new ones. Okay? Thanks.


Is Edward a fix on the jury? Someone is and Anthony & Trevor are responsible for it. It's a death penalty case. As previously reported, Scotty comes up with a doozy and says Logan was an undercover cop/agent thus making his murder death penalty worthy.

Not sure about the sequence of events... Claudia may be called to testify before the accident. After looking more closely at the medianets, the accident should occur on the 8th and I believe Claudia MAY be called to testify before that.