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The Young and the Restless: Spoilers a Go Go!

Big things are about to take place on The Young and the Restless.


Break out your popcorn and get comfy!

Neil/JT:The duo strong-arms Brad into leaving Newman Enterprises.

Jeff/Gloria/River (Lowell):
Mr. Bardwellbusts his wife and her ex in a sticky ordeal.

Jack/Phyllis: The former married duo is shattered when they discover a letter Sharon penned to Nick. Meanwhile Phyllis and Nick butt heads over the course that Restless Style's headed on.

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Victor/Newman kids:The Newman patriarch rips into Victoria and baby brother Nick for their actions during his absence and he does the unthinkable; evicts them from the ranch! Victoria and Nick do have a little ray of sunshine to smile about, they find out that Adam was given the shaft at home and work also. The kids meet up with Adam and end up in a fight.

Victoria fills Nikki in on what Victor has done and asks her mother to make inroads with Victor, which Nikki declines. Nikki lets her daughter know that she has washed her hands of  Victor and is concentrating on reinventing her own life. Victoria decides she isn't ready to give up on her dad and vows to try to salvage their relationship by sticking by him through this rough patch.

Adam decides to move back to New York and wants Heather to join him, however the tide changes for Victor II. Jack finds out about the fight between Victor and Adam and decides to give him some support…

Abbott vs. Newman 2.0: Things get even nastier now that Victor’s back from his, “sabbatical.” Jack wants to write an expose on Victor that Nick vetoes resulting in the former stepfather and son arguing. After this latest bust up happens, Sharon decides to take Noah to visit his granddad where she fills Victor in on the rift between Victor’s enemy and his son (Nick).Shaon tries to get Victor to absolve the situation, however Victor doesn’t indicate if he’ll intercede or let his son crash and burn.

Jack and Nick’s working relationship goes from bad to worse which leads Sharon to make a humorous suggestion: Toss a coin for the ownership of Restless Style! The catch is the winner of the toss decides the amount ha has to shell out to the loser or the sum that the loser has to buy them out. Whereas the loser determines if they should pay the quantity in order to acquire the magazine or let themselves be bought out. Jack comes out the victor (pun indented) of the challenge and presents Nick with the offer on how much he needs to own Restless . Smilin' Jack knows that Nick doesn’t have the funds to buy his stake at the magazine and is sure it's a matter of time before he steals the magazine from Nick.

Lady luck  appears to be on Nick's side this time. Through Michael, Nick gets a line of credit given to him courtesy of his father! Nick is leery on his father’s new found generosity and attempts to find out why Victor’s helping him but gets the cold shoulder from Victor. Funds in hand, Nick buys Jack out which leadsJack to jeer at Nick for only being able to get the money needed from Victor.

Nick informs Jack he never asked his father for money, causing both men to wonder who got Victor to bail his son out. Sharon is guilt-ridden about the turn of events since it resulted in her husband being ousted from the magazine. She decides to keep mum on her role in  the turmoil however, someone that viewers will never expect busts Sharon on her interference.