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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Now that’s a soapy soap Friday cliff-hanger!! Kate confronting Sonny. Jax confronting Carly. I was actually disappointed that there are no previews anymore because I wanted a snippet to see how Carly gets out of this one to tide me over 'til Monday. That is so rare with this show. How quickly will it become all Jax’s fault that Carly fell onto Sonny’s little monkey wrench in the back of that limo? Or maybe she’ll try to explain her logic, “but Jax, Sonny is always a freebie for me.”

As for Kate, I’m so schizophrenic when it comes to her character. Most of the time I find her pompous arrogance too much, but today I loved her. (Credit to Megan Ward here). With that icy demeanour with Clarice finding out all of the details, you could just see that she was trying very hard to hold herself together and not completely shatter. Then when Jax showed up and he was all "you have to apologize to my wife”; she got so pissed and just laid it out there. It was quite something to see.

I felt bad for Kate when Clarice was telling her the truth. I felt a teeny bit bad for Jax because he’s been too stupid to see that Carly’s a big fat liar. I don’t feel bad for Sonny and I certainly hope Kate opens a can of whoop ass on him. I don’t feel bad for Carly and I hope Jax rips her a new one, especially considering how she made him walk on hot coals about that kiss.

Love me some Spixie, but I feel like KS is playing this a little too hard. I love Maxie, but even I’m getting tired of that little girl voice she uses with Spinelli. I have no problem with her helping out Spin, but let’s tone down the cutsie just a smidge.

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Loved the Maxie/Robin interaction and the Robin/Jason scene.

This show does legal trials so badly and this one ranks right up there with the worst (the worst being the Jason/Lorenzo one). Gee Scotty, why don’t you just tell the jurors what you want them to hear? Talk about twisting everything that anyone says to fit his agenda. How could he possibly know that Nadine is into Nikolas unless that was a fishing expedition? I loved that Nadine is wacky enough to go off on Scotty, even if it did get her contempt and I also liked the little Nik/Nadine in jail stuff at the end.

Maybe now that Robin has gone into labour, everyone will stop stressing her out about marriage. It’s not like she needs to marry Patrick before the baby is born. This isn’t 1956.