General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.05.08


Is the Clinic exploding? It was in RUMORS yesterday however I had only seen it mentioned that one time. Now, I am seeing that Jerry MAY be behind the Clinic going Ka-BOOM! Is this how Jerry decides to “handle” Matt Hunter? By blowing up the Clinic?

Elizabeth won’t quit… no matter how many times Jason tells her they can’t be together. Stolen moments at the Skate Wedding? RUMORS say someone overhears the couple. Don’t forget, I’m hearing that the OLD SPOILER of an enemy finding out about Jason and Elizabeth is coming to fruition, finally. Sasha, Karpov’s attorney MAY wind up with that valuable bit of info, Jason Morgan’s weakness.

Wedding Stuff… apparently whether or not you should realistically be invited to someone’s wedding doesn’t matter on General Hospital. RUMORS say almost everyone in town winds up at the nuptials in one way or another. The bloodshed RUMORS are still out there and yesterday I dropped the RUMORS that Kate MAY be shot. The latest today? Kate’s not shot, but she MAY be hurt by the time the smoke clears. The question is, is it physical pain or emotional? These RUMORS say there is a casualty although not the intended target.

Daddy to the rescue? SPOILERS say that Luke’s return is timed perfectly, well perfect timing for a dad to go up against his arch rival when his little girl needs him. Just as Scott’s investigation turns from Johnny to Lulu, Luke is said to be back in town and ready to go to bat for Lulu.


Sam’s trying to work Jerry but will Jerry pull one over on Sam? Remember she’s trying to convince her mother’s latest bad boy that she wants to be a bad girl. I mentioned a little flirting on Sam’s part but will PC’s favorite con woman have to talk her way out of a sticky situation when Jerry calls her bluff? Sam is trying to get info out of Jerry; too bad for Sam that Jerry is no dummy.

I mentioned Johnny getting off on a technicality… it appears that he does as the jury comes back with a verdict and the next day, Johnny is visiting Lulu.

Online Dating? It’s in a SPOILER with Spinelli, Maxie and Carly?

RANDOM RUMOR of the Day… the second marriage I teased? What if it’s Nikolas and Nadine? SPOILERS say Nikolas has a surprise request of Nadine. Is it a marriage of convenience proposal? Remember she’s thrown in lock up defending Nikolas and now RUMORS say Nadine and Matt wind up in danger thanks to Jerry. What could Nikolas and Nadine possibly need to get married for?


Rick Hearst Status… officially he’s still negotiating. Unofficially, word is he’s agreed to stay on through Sweeps and his exit story is ready.

Steve Burton Status... RUMORS say he's leaving but there is some SPECULATION that he's not and TPTB have a plan up their sleeves that MAY have us guessing if Jason Morgan is leaving Port Charles. Tina gave me a little drop right before I went live with this blog.  Are we all being duped and are the RUMORS out there for Elizabeth's disappearance a big old fake out?  Could it be that Jason goes missing and the fans will be left wondering if Burton has vacated his role?  ALL RUMORS right now BUT for months now we keep hearing that the brass at ABC want the holes plugged up.  Has some of this possible FanFic been purposely dropped by TPTB?


Don't forget to check the comments for updates...here's what you may have missed yesterday.

RUMORS of a wedding... and not Skate's. Who could it be?

Scrubs baby will be born on GH and the HIV will play a factor in the delivery.

STILL SEEING... that Matty boy is a Drake Man. Their new status as siblings could bring Patrick into the great drug caper.

CRAZY RUMOR and I am not sure I should even post it... I may get the Skate Fans in a tizzy. OH well just have your SALT SHAKERS handy. RUMORS have said there is bloodshed at the wedding. And RUMORS have questioned whether or not Skate actually get married. The wedding is happening, the walk down the aisle is happening and the I Do's seem to be happening, BUT will they be pronounced Husband and Wife? The LATEST DIRT? Kate MAY be the one with the bullet in her and that she is shot on the altar. Who's pulling the trigger? Remember, RUMORS said Karpov sends gunmen, BUT will it appear that someone else was the shooter? I hope no one has high blood pressure because you MAY have a sodium overload.

Sonny and Claudia accident...
its after Kate gives him the boot (they obviously get back together). Sonny hits Claudia. Her car is leaking gas and he gets her away from it before it explodes.

Maxie is shame filled after testifying.
Scott has her tell the tale of the sex deal with Logan.