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Guza Talks...Should We Listen?

General Hospital head writer, Bob Guza Jr., sat down with Soap Opera Weekly for a chat.  In the first part of the two part interview, Guza dishes on Genie Francis' return and confirms reports that she will be back in October.  He also addresses the other BIG question... will Tony Geary and Genie get some screentime together?  Francis' last return wasn't handled as well as the fans would have hoped but Guza says those same mistakes will not  be made again.  Should we listen?  Take a look and weigh in! 


Weekly: It's suspicious that Laura doesn't want Lulu telling anyone else that she is awake.

Guza: That's very true. Lulu is like, "Oh, my God, this is good — let me get the boys," and Laura is like, "No, no, you can't tell them yet. I don't want to get their hopes up in case this doesn't take." We are thinking, "Yeah, that makes sense." Also, what happens is, a doctor shows up from Switzerland, where Laura was part of the time. If a doctor is there, how can it not be real? By the end of the fall/early winter, you will know the answer. You will also know about Laura's future.

Weekly: It would be too convenient if she just faded away again.

Guza: We are not going to resolve this in the same way that we did before. Not at all.

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