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This Week's SOAPnet Sneak Peeks!


Ready for the SOAPnet sneak peek into your ABC Soaps?  Here's a peek at what SOAPnet is dishing on your ABC Favorites!

One Life to Live:

A Martinez (Cruz Castillo!) starts on the show as Ray Montez, Langston's (Brittany Underwood) uncle. Jared (John Brotherton) goes to visit Ray in a Colombian prison on Clint's (Jerry verDorn) orders. Clint wants to use Ray as a threat to take away Langston, which gives him leverage against Dorian (Robin Strasser). But Jared's not the only familiar Llanview face down in Colombia. Not one, but two other characters are there. For sinister purposes. Not, like, on vacation or anything.

Shane wants Rex to stay away! Tina is forced to help Tess with her plans for revenge. 

All My Children:

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Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) is OUT OF CONTROL next week. Seriously, she loses it. But it's so good.

What does she do? How about manipulating Ryan (Cameron Mathison) by using Emma and essentially seducing Pete (Daniel Kennedy) to make it look like Ryan's beating her! Oh yeah, then she gets a gun and hightails it over to Greenlee's (Rebecca Budig) to shoot her. The woman killed her brother, so she's really capable of anything. By the end of the week, someone's in critical condition. Does Annie's plot go according to plan?

Kendall doesn't want her hubby killing her brother.  Taylor's jealous....of Frankie!

General Hospital:

Things go bang -- or boom, rather -- at the clinic when Jerry (Sebastian Roche) plans to blow it up and put the illegal prescription investigation to bed once and for all. Things go off course, and Jerry gets caught up flirting with Sam (ewww!), but the explosives end up going off anyway. With two people caught inside!

Elizabeth following Jason to a meeting? Sonny, Kate, Jax and Carly! Lulu Confesses!

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