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Daytime Confidential EXCLUSIVE: Log on to Strike TV for Greenville General SNEAK PEEK!

Remember a few weeks back when General Hospital script writer Karen Harris gave 200 lucky Daytime Confidential readers an exclusive access code to view her upcoming Strike TV drama Life in General? Well now those same 200 peeps can go on and check outGreenviille General the soap-within-the-soap. Who said Santa Claus only comes once a year? Probably a dirty Commie who doesn't believe in Jesus!  DRILL FOR OIL! DRILL FOR OIL! Sorry...someone actually made me watch the Republican National Convention.


Anyhoo, Karen is doggedly trying to get us some additional access codes for those who missed the first opportunity, but those of you who logged on the first time can go back, re-enter your user name and password and voila! Instant Soapy Goodness and low in calories! Hmm, maybe I should sign up for Cooking to Get Lucky? Nah, I'll wait for Cooking to Get Free Xanax.

I just caught the Greenville General pilot and it made me both laugh-out-loud and also yearn for the day when soaps were populated by beautiful, glamorous grand dames like Brynn Thayer (ex-Jenny, OLTL) as opposed to models who got bored with striking a pose. Check out cutie Lindze Letherman (who once starred on that other hospital show) as a classic, melodramatic soap opera nurse!  The Ghost of Jessie Brewer is looking down saying, "You done me proud Lindze"! Cue Fergie's "Labels and Love".

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