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All My Children Scoops & Spoilers

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Hello, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!  Here are the scoops, so let's dig in!

Cambias:  Zach channels his inner Cambias when he pulls out all the stops on Josh for stealing from him.  Kendall does her best to try to save her brother, but does it work? Will Kendall throw a monkey wrenchat Zach? Even Erica gets thrown into the mess when Josh runs to his mother for help.  Ryan assists Kendall in getting Josh out of town.  Zach is not too happy about that, so he sticks it to Ryan by giving him a job.

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Kendall/Zach:  Zach tells Kendall that she needs to stop interferring in other peoples' lives and focus on their marriage.  Hot Zendall sex coming our way!

Adam/Erica:  Old feelings begin to stir up again when Adam becomes Erica's only friend and confidant.  Erica pouts when she feels that no one needs her anymore. Let's not forget Krystal will be feeling for her former ex once again. 

Annie v. Everyone:  Our little nice Annie starts her revenge plot against Greenlee and everyone else who hurt her.  She begins by making it appear that she has been abused by Ryan by issuing a restraining order against him.  Ryan's reaction is, it's over, for real this time.  Way to stick it to her Ryan!  Poor Pete gets a taste of her wrath too!  Annie saves the best for last when she pulls a gun on Greenlee.  Will Greenlee get shot or will someone else get hurt in the process?

Frankie/Angie/Randi:  Angie begins to see Randi in a different light.  Frankie considers being reinstated to Iraq but will Angie & Randi stand in his way?

Miscellaneous:  Tad suspects that there is more to the story concerning Jesse, so he hires Aidan to investigate his best friend.  Erica ends her relationship with Samuel.  Amanda gets closer to Taylor and finding out her secret.