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Days of Our Lives: Denial Island Preview

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A mixed reaction is what I’ve got about the storylines this week on Days of Our Lives. On the one hand, we're being graced with multiple scenes containing Nick Fallon (yay!). On the other, that also means more Melanie (meh).  What else is in store?  More custody battle drama between Sami and Lucas, exposure of Nicole’s past once again (don’t we know everything by now?) and a marriage proposal from Stefano to Kate.  Intrigued?  Read on…


Marlena and Jawn continue inching their way back together, even though Marlena wants a divorce and has decided to start dating again.  Jawn goes all green-eyed monster-y on Marlena, but that won't stop her from reminding him about his fling with Ava, and then accepting a drink invitation with Trent later in the week.  So much for being all principled about Trent’s treatment of Max.

Sami’s all fired up.  Why?  Lucas was awarded joint custody of Allie with Sami and she doesn’t like it. She doesn’t want to be separated from Allie at such a young age.  EJ and Marlena tell her that joint custody is about the best possible outcome she could have hoped for.  Nevertheless, Sami wants full custody so when Lucas shows up at DiMansion to pick up Allie, it’s with daggers in her eyes.  In true Sami fashion, she won't leave well alone and shows up at the Horton cabin with one of Allie’s toys.  EJ tries to stop her, but Lucas catches Sami holding her daughter on his “official time”. The police are called and Sami is arrested for… well, probably for attempted kidnapping. Sigh.  Well… it is Sami Brady!

Meanwhile, EJ continues to keep his options open with Nicole (really not liking this Days) until he gets caught in the middle of another fight between her and Sami.  That’s it!  They can both take a long walk off a short pier as far as he’s concerned. He questions whether they know he has bigger problems, like making sure he and Tony don't end up dead for taking on Stefano!

The "Shocking Spoiler of the Week Award" goes to Stefano proposing to Kate!  Is it just me or is that slightly unexpected?  Hmm...  So, is Stefano for real or is this Evil Plan No. 298?  Apparently it’s a bit of both.  Although he does have some feelings for Kate, he’s also singled her out as another vessel for carrying on the DiMera legacy.  Yep, you guessed it – he wants to plant more DiMera seed.  Not sure he’s going to get the chance though, poor Kate is still coughing and spluttering, leading up nicely to next week’s collapse and more scenes with Dr. McHottie Jonas.

Over in France, Chelsea joins the crew after running away from her problems with Daniel and Grandma Kate, but if she was hoping to run back to Nick, she’s in for a nasty surprise.  He and Melanie are getting close, a romance that moves along a bit faster when Nick gets in a bit of trouble with a thug.  Nothing like a life or death situation to bring out the touchy feely stuff, eh?

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Bope start the week with a romantic picnic in the park – aww, it’s nice seeing them so happy.  Speaking of happy, the opposite of happy is Nicole when Bope discover she’s the secret wife of Trent.  Trent would have been hoping to keep that ace a bit longer, he tries to blackmail Nicole for money, but Victor discovers the truth anyway.  Looking forward to seeing the Kiriakis reaction. It’s sure to be gold!

In Other (Boring) Storylines:

  • Philip continues to try and win Morgan back.  Kate overhears one of his declarations of love and is sure to get involved (for a change).
  • Max wants revenge on Trent (for a change).

Coming Up Next Week (Sept 15 – 19):

  • CELESTE!!!!!!!! I mentioned she was MIA a few weeks ago!  It’s about time they brought her back considering what’s going on with Theo and that Stefano has returned.  Get ready Dahhlings!
  • Kate’s sickness becomes more serious.
  • Trent and Max have a punch-up at the pub.

Well that’s it for this week.  I hope there is something in the storylines that you're looking forward to - if not, please leave me a comment about it, or anything else Days related! 

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer: This preview has been tainted by the fact that I'm more excited about James Scott winning Adonis 2008 than watching Days this week!! Go James!! Two years in a row!!