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Daytime Confidential Celebrates 300 Episodes With Victoria Rowell

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Almost two years ago the Daytime Confidential Podcast debuted as the first podcast to cover all of daytime.


Back then I would have never guessed that we would be celebrating our 300th episode with one of daytime's biggest names, the incomparable Victoria Rowell.

When questioned about our 300th episode over the past several weeks by our loyal listeners in our forums at TV Fan Online, I told them we had a big surprise in store and that they'd have to wait until I announced it. However, in his exclusive story "I have yet to be asked back" Jamey let the surprise out of the box before I could announce it. We may have to start calling him Naughty Jamey and find another name for Naughty Nicki.

Ask Victoria Rowell a question!

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The success of the Daytime Confidential Podcast and wouldn't be possible without you, our listeners. As a small token of our appreciation, we asked Victoria if she would be willing to answer some of YOUR questions and she has graciously agreed to do so. Three lucky listeners/readers will have their questions read on the podcast.

Be sure to read the rules after the jump before posting your question.

Your favorite Daytime Confidential Podcast moments.

Daytime Confidential's
300th episode will air some time the week of September 15, 2008. Be sure to call the Daytime Confidential comment line with your favorite Daytime Confidential Podcast memories and moments before the weekend and they will be included at the end of our 300th episode. Call:(917) 677-9757

RULES: We are going to randomly select three listener/reader questions for Victoria Rowell from the comments on this post. Only include one question per comment, per reader/listener. In order to keep things fair mutliple questions from the same user will disqualify that user.

All questions must be submitted by 5pm Central on September 9, 2008.