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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.08.08


I apologize if my Liason bias is showing too much but that's the scoop that's out there and oh well, it's my blog!  LOL! Here we go with more Liason Scoop and it's what I held back a bit last week until I had confirmation of the clinic blowing sky high.  The day before Nikolas' tribute to Emily explodes, thanks to Jerry, SHOULD BE when Elizabeth "walks in" on a meeting Jason has with Karpov. RUMORS had the nurse following Jason into his office at the coffee house and into a meeting between her man and the Russian mobster. Not so fast my friends....  It APPEARS that Elizabeth goes to Jason at the coffee shop before/after Karpov shows up to meet Jason. Karpov is RUMORED to see/overhear Jason and Elizabeth either before their meeting or he MAY hang around afterwards and see Elizabeth going into Jason's office. Will she plant one on her man that the Russian baddie sees? RUMORS say yes!

Back to the explosion. Early RUMORS had Jason searching for Elizabeth after the clinic goes BOOM. I held that back from you last week because I wasn't sure the clinic was actually blowing up. NOW that we know that SPOILER is true, here's how the rest goes. Jason knows Elizabeth is supposed to be working at the clinic the day of the explosion. When he hears what has happened, he tries to reach her but he can't seem to find her anywhere. No worries, only Matt and Nadine are in trouble when the clinic explodes with them in it. 

More on Karpov... what is he meeting with Jason about? SPOILERS say he wants Jason to help him stay in the country. Jason refuses. Will this cause trouble for Liason? If the above SPOILERS are true and Karpov does see them together, will the Russian mobster set his sights on Elizabeth? Don't forget, Karpov orders Sasha around from a far when he must return to Russia. And also remember that those accident RUMORS suggested that Sasha MAY have something to do with Elizabeth's accident...IF it happens. 

Kate forgives Sonny. Not sure why or what he does, but she will forgive her fiance and the wedding will go on.

Wedding Day Masacre...well not exactly but as we've told you, there is bloodshed at the Skate wedding. Is it Kate? RUMORS have said it is. The latest is that Kate's shooting will move along other storylines. The great drug caper would play in and it would give Kate's cousin a reason to extend her visit and no doubt cause trouble. 


Jerry and Alexis... will they be a couple despite Jerry staying bad? RUMORS have had this pairing going full steam ahead despite all the road blocks but Jerry is blowing up the clinic. Can the fans really get behind this pairing? I sort of have heard both. There are RUMORS that JLex is still a go while there are RUMBLINGS that the couple will be dunzo after sweeps.

More conflict for Noah and Patrick? You bet! Especially when Patrick learns he has a baby brother Noah walked away from. Once again, Patrick MAY start to question his capability of being a good dad thanks to the poor example set by Noah. There are RUMORS that suggest that Noah had no idea about Matt.

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I mentioned Daddy to the rescue... will Luke return in time to help Lulu? RUMORS say that Lulu does confess and Johnny asks Nikolas to get her out of the country.  RUMORS say that Luke returns before they spirit Lulu away. Will Luke finally learn the truth about Rick Webber's death? Will he use that information to keep Lulu out of Scotty's grasp?


Lulu is ready to fly the coop.  Johnny thinks she needs more time at Shadybrook.  Despite her recent recovery from the visions of her dead ex-boyfirend, is Lulu worse off than we know? Lulu is thrilled to get a visit from Johnny. 

Online Dating... I mentioned this last week with Carly, Spinelli and Maxie. WTH is this about? I'm guessing a way for Carly to make Jax jealous. Maxie and Spinelli suggest it and at first, Carly says no. Later she MAY make a profile. Is this what has Carly remembering the deposit her hubby made?

LuSam...still hearing that they will be moving in together and it's Sam's place they'll be staying at, not the Spencer house. What about the great drug caper? RUMORS say it's still going on when they make the move to be roomies.  Alexis pays her daughter an unannounced visit.  Is she catching Sam with her man or with the man Sam supposedly broke up with? Hey LuSam fans, are you still waiting for the couple to exchange "I love you's?"  SPOILERS say it's coming and Lucky drops the "I Love You" bomb first.


More Liason...will they meet on the docks before the Karpov stuff? SPOILERS say that Jason once again pushes Elizabeth away when they see each other on the docks. Another secret meeting at the Studio? RUMORS say that's happening after the coffee shop stuff.

Secrets, Secrets, Secrets...Sonny and Kate's wedding outs Kate's secrets, shows us that Olivia comes packing with a secret of her own and the LATEST is that the secret does involve a child. Or is it the real reason Connie Falconari became Kate Howard?

More Tracy coming. With the trial, Lulu and Luke's upcoming return we should be seeing more of Tracy Quartermaine. She's not the only Q will see more of. Edward's role as a juror is getting the head of the Quartermaines more screentime. 

Ric is refusing Claudia's sex payment when Johnny is cut loose.
  BUT that MAY not be the end of this possible pairing.  RUMORS say they do go on a date and Claudia MAY accompany Ric to Sonny and Kate's wedding.