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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Day two of soapy soap-ness and I’m still loving it. Good dialogue today too.

CarJax: I find it interesting that when she and Jason were talking about the limo-sex not that long ago, that to her, doing it with Sonny is a gimme and she was pretty flippant about it. Now, Jax finds out and confronts her and the tears start flowing and there’s no talk of Sonny being her go to guy. I love that Jax brought up everything that’s been bothering us about the whole thing. That she went from Sonny to Jax in the same night, than left her marital bed to run to Jason. That she drove Jax insane about the kiss with Kate while keeping this huge secret. That if she’d been pregnant he would never have known the truth. And I hate that she’s put the sanctity of her marriage all on his shoulders. “I’ve messed up, my bad, now you show you’re the bigger person and fight for us.” Uhm, I don’t think so there, honey.

CarJax line of the day:

Jax to Carly: “If you’d gotten pregnant and it was Sonny’s, would you even have told me, or would I have been another dupe like AJ?”

Skate: MW does hurt very well, but I hate that she didn’t outright dump his sorry butt. When he made a comment about the wedding, she should have shot him down right then and there. And, is it just me or did Sonny come across like he was annoyed that she was so hurt by all of this. “My kid’s in a coma, you’re really good for me, can we forget that I was playing hide the salami with my ex?”.

Nik/Nadine: I love Nadine, but that girl just talks herself into situations, doesn’t she?!! And, I didn’t understand why she was back in jail with Nikolas at the end. Her bail had been paid, why couldn’t she go? And I now have a new category for line of the day…

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The Nadine line of the day:

“It makes me madder than a cut snake.”

Spixie: Loved their conversation in the, ‘regrettably pink room’. With normal talk from Maxie (not high pitched) and almost normal English from Spin, you can clearly see the friendship between them.

Spixie line of the day:

Maxie: “After Coop and Georgie died, I was heading down the path of self destruction. You saved me just by being my friend.”

Why doesn’t Lucky believe that Jerry could be involved in the drug thing? Every time Sam brings it up, he shoots her down. It’s not like Jerry’s the local saint and Lucky just can’t see how he’d be involved. Sometimes they make Lucky dumber than a box of rocks.

Loved the Anna/Robin scene, the Mac/Anna scene and the Patrick/Robin scene. Who knew all she needed to get these people off her back regarding her marriage was to go into false labour.