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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.09.08


LuSam Fans... Sam's horniness wasn't for nothing yesterday. Your couple is hitting the sheets, uh, sofa. Does anyone in PC have sex in a bed?  I'm hearing it's a hot scene for the pair.

Liason Fans... Do they finish what they start as we've seen in the Promo? Some RUMORS have said Carly interrupts them with her latest drama. Other RUMORS have Elizabeth's job calling her away. BUT there is an interesting twist in the Scoop department. Liason MAY finish what they start. Are they interrupted? Some say yes, others say he takes her to his bedroom and reconnects with the woman he loves. There is some conflicting information that I am trying to piece through. Some have Elizabeth already with Jason when the clinic explodes. Others have him looking for her. It MAY be the explosion that interrupts them when Elizabeth is called into work.

Elizabeth puts her foot down? SPOILERS say she'll tell Jason she's not taking orders from him anymore. There are RUMORS of the pair crossing paths at Shadybrook when they both go to visit Lulu.

Remember the stall? You know the one where even Steve Burton admitted that Liason was stalled? It appears the stalling is over. I am seeing multiple dates where Jason and Elizabeth share the screen. I am also still seeing RUMORS that Karpov sees them together.

When Lulu confesses, will anyone believe her?
She does confess on the stand, but it's Claudia who comes to the rescue despite her wanting Johnny to turn Lulu in. She comes up with a lie and says Johnny killed Logan to protect her. I am hearing Nikolas starts to piece the puzzle together and realizes that Lulu did kill Logan. This SHOULD be the start of the brothers at odds. Lucky wants her away from Johnny, Nikolas thinks the Mafia Prince is the only one who can help his sister.

Will Claudia's lies bring her closer to Nikolas?
While Claudia seems to save Lulu's butt, she also throws a few insults her way and even slips one about Laura in there. Sexual tension or not, Nikolas is not happy with Claudia. 

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Boy oh boy is Carly gonna be pissed. Her marriage is falling apart but Sonny and Kate are still getting married. Kate better watch out. RUMORS say Jason will escort Carly to the wedding.

If you were Maxie and Jason and got caught snooping, would you stop or keep snooping? Maxie doesn't stop. Could she be the one finding out about Liason? Anyone remember the VERY OLD RUMORS about Maxie being the one to find out the truth behind Jake's paternity?

According to Claire Coffee (Nurse Nadine), Matt Hunter has an "awesome" backstory. The actress had an online chat with fans on her message board. What else was Claire dishing on? Nadine SHOULD be finding out that Matt is actually on her team when it comes to the great drug caper. Who does Claire think Nadine should be paired with? She's happy to see where Nikadine goes next but also said she would like a Johnny pairing!  YAY!  Tina and I love the idea of a Nohnny pairing! Claire does tell fans there is more Nikadine coming with a little triangle twist, most likely Claudia. Did the actress have a little SPOILER SLIP?  She was asked about Nadine showing her sexy side and Claire responded that she recently tried on some gorgeous dresses for the upcoming WEDDINGS. Plural.


OH HOLY HELL...the RUMORS all seem to be pointing to Kate as the one with a bullet in her at the wedding. After Michael got shot, Liason's HUGE step forward became a GARGANTUAN step back. With all the RUMORED Liason loveliness coming our way, will Kate's shooting do the same to Liason that Michael's did? I am hearing that it will and we'll hear all the 'it's not safe' crap again. Thanks Guza, thank you so much.  Guess that stall isn't over afterall.

Night Shift SCOOP:
Jagger and Robin in an almost kiss?  More Secrets? Do we really need them on Night Shift too?  SPOILERS say Leo and Claire have a secret. Kyle learns something about women.