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Natalia Cigliuti Raising Her Bar

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Last week Raising the Bar premiered on TNT and even though it stars TV staples Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Jane Kaczmarek and Currie Graham, I found the dialogue delivery to come off as a bit "canned" and I wasn't sure I wanted to check out the second episode. However, given my love for The Closer and Saving Grace, I figured why not give it a second chance?

Other than Boston Legal, I haven't really enjoyed a legal drama since The Practice so I didn't really pay attention to the cast of Raising the Bar. Imagine my confusion last night when an actress appeared who I couldn't quite place, but seemed oh so familiar. At first I thought it was Sex and the City star Kristin Davis but, I knew there was no way in hell that an "A List" star like Davis would be playing 5th fiddle on a TNT show. So, I did a little digging last night and discovered that the reason was that the actress in question was former All My Children star Natalia Cigliuti (Anita Santos).

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I wasn't the biggest fan of the actress in her All My Children role, but I have to admit she actually did a pretty good job as Roberta "Bobbi" Gilardi. Turns out that after leaving Pine Valley, Natalia raised her own bar.