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The Doctors Drake?


The latest SPOILERS have all said Dr. Matt Hunter (Jason Cook) is actually Dr. Noah Drake's (Rick Springfield) son.  What' s not clear is, did Noah know he had another child or did the self proclaimed dead beat dad walk away from his youngest son?

After the Clinic goes BOOM, with Matt and Nadine in it, Matt is taken to GH for treatment.  Is the above a glimpse of the big reveal?  I'm not 100% sure as to when the news of Matt's real identity is revealed but I am a fan of this storyline.  It ties Patrick's (Jason Thompson) fears of turning out like his father to his impending fatherhood, and it ties Matt Hunter to the canvas without forcing a Matt and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) pairing down our throats.  My biggest fear since Jason Cook joined the cast was that TPTB would try too hard to recreate the magic Kirsten and Jason had at Days of our Lives, and that the pairing would fail with Jason hanging in limbo.  Now, by attaching him to a legacy character like Noah and one of General Hospital's hottest stars (Thompson) it gives the character more to stand on then an old pairing from another soap. 

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They have certainly laid the groundwork for this storyline.  The would-be brothers, Matt and Patrick, have already had a few disagreements. 

Are fans happy with this storyline direction?