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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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After a few days of soapy goodness, we’re back to the tediousness (tediocity?!) of the worst trial in the history of trials.

Are we to believe that Logan, who didn’t really like Scotty, would have told him all about his tryst with Maxie in minute detail? How else would Scotty have gotten all of that information in order to question Maxie about it? All it really did was make Maxie look bad, which wouldn’t matter to the jury, and Logan look bad, which would. It had nothing to do with the night in question or whether Johnny had motive to kill Logan.

Why did Nikolas need to go to Jason for help getting Lulu out of the country? (I know, I know, Jason must be in every story). But really, Nikolas is richer than Donald Trump and has lawyers and people at his disposal, he didn’t need anything from Jason.

Yes Lucky and Sam, you really should be discussing the counterfeit drug ring, out in the open, on the docks where they get shipped, where anyone and their sociopathic brother can catch you. You know, the drug storyline could be interesting if it made any sense.

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I knew Patrick stopping his marriage talk would drive Robin crazy. He stops chasing and suddenly she wants him to keep chasing her. I hate that they’re making Robin this crazy.

I liked the Ric/Claudia hospital scene. He seemed to genuinely care about her and her safety and she didn’t play it all sex kittenish, like she did later with Patrick.

Please tell me Lulu showing up in court to confess means progression in this story, and us moving on.