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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.10.08


Sam working for Jason? Anyone remember the drops of info Brian Frons gave? He mentioned Sam and Jason working together and at that time I cautioned not to read too much into it. The LATEST? Sam MAY become Jason's person on the inside of Karpov's organization. A word of caution: some are taking this and running with it, suggesting that a JaSam reunion is coming. Right now, that does not seem to be happening. Could it be? Anything is possible, but right now it seems someone took the information about Sam becoming an informant for Jason and turned it into a FanFic where the couple reunites. 

Remember...LuSam is moving in together, exchanging "I Love You's" and Liason has a whole bunch of scenes coming up this month.

The "It's not safe talk" that's SPOILED to happen after Sonny and Kate's wedding...Liason fans know what I am talking about. I hear that while Jason MAY be dishing it out, Elizabeth just MAY not be taking it.

How does Sonny get Kate to marry him? RUMORS have said its by bringing Olivia to Port Charles as a surprise for Kate. With the news that Olivia comes to town with a bag full of secrets, is she a welcome guest? Apparently it works as Kate and Sonny are set to walk down the aisle, BUT it shouldn't be a happy family reunion for Kate.


The Great Drug Caper...Matt is a good guy from everything I've been recently seeing. Look for Patrick's involvement in this storyline now that he's getting a sibling who's heavily involved. Question though: did Matt Hunter's need to find who was behind the fake drugs bring him to GH or was it his need to find his family?

Will the explosion change Port Charles? It MAY change Nikolas and Nadine.  RUMORS say that Nikolas starts to realize that he has feelings for the nurse. Are some OLD RUMORS coming true? RUMORS say that while Nikolas has feelings for Nadine, he MAY be falling into bed with Claudia.

Leslie Charleson, Dr. Monica Quartermaine, is appearing on Night Shift!  Look for Monica to pop up in primetime on October 7th.

IF the almost kiss is happening on Night Shift, it SHOULD be on next week's episode.
  Sorry if it made into the previews last night, I haven't had a chance to watch Night Shift yet.

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RANDOM RUMORS...Jax is going to be a dad?  The 24th is a good day for Liason fans. More of Spinelli's fantasies. 

Check the Comments... here's what you MAY have missed yesterday:

MORE RUMORS... is Elizabeth hiding in Jason's office when Karpov arrives? Some insiders said NO while others keep insisting it's what is happening. So IF it happens, here's how it MIGHT go down. Elizabeth is hiding and she gets to hear Jason and Karpov's convo. Is he purposely talking about things he normally wouldn't in front of mixed (although hidden) company? RUMORS say Karpov confronts Jason about his men who were beaten and left on the docks. Jason is SAID to give the gory details of the beat down. Is he being a little more forthcoming to give Elizabeth a little scare? With the RUMORS that Elizabeth is putting her foot down, will Jason be able to scare her away? No.


What about Jerry? Will JLex still be a go after the clinic goes boom? What about the flirtations with Alexis' daughter? I keep seeing that Alexis is not dumb and Jerry is a con man who pulls a good con.

You guys know how much I hate using dates as it usually comes back to bite me in the butt... BUT here are the dates for September that Liason are RUMORED to be onscreen: September 11, 12, 15, 22, 24 (a pre-birthday present for me?) and the 30th. I mentioned the stall being over. Is it only over in the month of September? Remember, Kate's RUMORED shooting COULD be tearing them apart, again.

Hmmm... so Carly is SUPPOSED to have Jason as an escort for the wedding. NOW there is some talk that he does not actually make it to the nuptials. Time will tell...

Jax at the wedding? He is Kate's business partner so he should be in attendance and RUMORS say he's not dateless. Jax and Leyla? WTF? I'm not sure if she's the wedding date but they are together at the MetroCourt.


Jason's losing the T-Shirt again and I'm guessing its the black button down that the black wife beater is hidden beneath.

Nikolas finds Nadine and Matt in the rubble and both are rushed to GH.

There were RUMORS that Anna
is the one to uncover Matt's true identity and there are scenes coming up with Anna at Matt's bedside.