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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.11.08


Yesterday I dropped a RUMOR that Jax was gonna be a daddy. Will Carly be the mommy? RUMORS are saying that a CarJax reunion will happen, but one of them will be expecting a child first. Will Carly succeed in withdrawing her hubby's deposit? WIll Jax knock someone else up? 

Scrubs Baby... as I've said, she's arriving on October 29th. What about the complications at birth? From what I can tell it's all still happening as the HIV portion of the storyline isn't getting as much attention as some would hope. Will the writer's be playing catch up? The LATEST is that the HIV component of Robin's pregnancy will be addressed during the delivery and after the birth. Remember, while the odds of the baby being HIV+ are low, it's still a very real possibility.

Baby Shower? RUMORS say Robin has a baby shower towards the end of September.

K-I-S-S-I-N-G...who's sitting in the tree? According to Claire Coffee, Nikolas and Nadine.


Nikolas helps Johnny and Lucky is not liking it one bit. Remember, the brothers will be at odds over what's best for Lulu.

Online Dating? I mentioned that Carly, Maxie and Spinelli all have a part in this little storyline. Carly creates a profile and something she sees while online reminds her of that deposit at the sperm bank. Anyone remember when Spinelli made a profile for Jason? RUMORS say that the profile created for Jason and Carly's newly created profile are a match!

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ZaCrazy wanting LooLoo gone is still coming. Johnny is found not guilty and Scotty is not having it. When Johnny chooses Lulu over his family, even Claudia, Anthony decides Lulu must go before she brings Johnny down with her.

Lulu's not cured and her insistence that she saw her mom awake and talking doesn't convince anyone that she's doing better.

More Monica? RUMORS say there MAY be another Elizabeth and Monica scene.

Alexis, Jerry and Sam... what is really going down with these three? RUMORS have Sam and Jerry kissing. Alexis gets both sides of the story although it appears that Jerry and Sam leave out the part about the kiss. Will there be turmoil between mother and daughter when Alexis wants all the facts before she decides who to believe?

Liason/LuSam...what's the deal? RUMORS popped up the other day that Sam would be working for Jason by feeding him information from inside Karpov's organization. As I cautioned yesterday, there MAY not be as much to this story as some are suggesting. Sam and Lucky SHOULD still be together when the gret drug caper wraps up by November and the LATEST RUMORS have Liason fighting to be together.

Liason Interuptus?
It looks like Carly strikes again and she'll either be calling Jason or she shows up at the penthouse. Whichever it is, it puts a stop to Jason and Elizabeth going at it. Elizabeth will be called to the hospital because of the explosion.


The Great Drug Caper...wrapped up at Sweeps? RUMORS have said for awhile now that Andre Karpov will not make it past November. There have also been RUMORS that one-time enemies would team up to take him down.

Sweeps Theme... Power or Love: Which Would You Choose?

Olivia hits town next week. Is she out to make Kate pay? RUMORS say Olivia blames Kate for how her life turned out. Are the RUMORS true? Will Olivia have a son that was fathered by Sonny?

Tom Pelphrey RUMORS... they are just RUMORS. I know they SHOULD be showing up in Soap Opera Weekly, however, the mags are not always right. While I would love his addition to General Hospital, the cast is pretty large and I would like to see them develop some of their other characters. However, with the RUMBLINGS of certain actors possibly leaving, TPTB at General Hospital MAY be looking for a big name to add to the cast SHOULD certain people leave.