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Who Killed Ida Mystery Solved!

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Ida Greenberg & Ida (aka Karen McCluskey)

For years General Hospital fans have wondered who killed Ida (Kathryn Joosten)? Turns out we may have got a hint at Logan Hayes trial. It seems that a one Ida Greenberg (Pat Crawford Brown) of Wysteria Lane, is the juror sitting behind Edward and Epiphany. Contrary to initial reports, she was not killed in the tornado that swept through Wysteria Lane earlier this year.

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Daytime Confidential is proud to report that Ida Greenberg survived being carried away by the tornado, but after learning that her twin sister, a one Mrs. Torch, died on General Hospital: Night Shift. She returned to Port Charles to handle her sister's estate and did not return to Wysteria Lane.

According to Ms. Greenberg, while visiting the courthouse to get her sister's death certificate, she spotted a missing poster for a woman she recognized as her dear friend Karen McCluskey (Kathryn Joonsten), only on the poster Karen's name was Ida. Having contacted the Port Charles Police Department to no avail Ida Greenberg asked Daytime Confidential to investigate the mystery.

By putting the world wide resources of Daytime Confidential on the story, we were finally able to reveal what happened to Ida. According to FBI spokeswoman Hannah Scott, Karen McCluskey of Wysteria Lane is, in fact, the one and the same Ida who General Hospital fans have been wondering about for years.

Daytime Confidential learned that after providing evidence against the Port Charles mob, Ida entered the Witness Protection and has been hiding out on Wysteria Lane ever since.

Fortunately for Ida, after all these years the FBI has finished prosecuting all of the mobsters Ida provided evidence against and all are serving life sentences in maximum security prisons with no opportunity for parole. As these mobsters no longer pose a threat to Ida's life, she no longer remains under the Witness Protection program.

At the time of publication Ida (aka Karen McCluskey), did not return our phone calls to confirm whether or not she planned to return to Port Charles.