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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I love Ric to death, but my goodness, he’s a bad lawyer. Lulu basically did his job for him, presenting reasonable doubt to the jury and he totally dismissed her. He should have jumped on her testimony with both feet and made at least one member of that jury believe that she isn’t crazy, but that she’s going crazy because her boyfriend’s on trial for a murder she committed.

Also, if any of those jurors had half a brain they’d realize the truth, just by watching Johnny’s body language while Lulu was testifying. He was clearly scared for her and it was more than she’s crazy.

Now I know threatening kids is second nature to Anthony, but since Trevor really doesn’t like Ric, does it really matter to Trevor if Anthony threatens him? I’m guessing Pig Trevor would be more upset if AZ threatened Molly rather than Ric.

Why are the jurors being allowed to chit chat among themselves without more sanctions from the judge? At some point, I expect someone to pull out a crossword puzzle and everyone else to pipe in with their answers. It’s not like they’re paying attention to what’s going on anyway.

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I felt bad for Spinelli in the Jason scene. He cares so much for Maxie and he was hurting because he knew she’d be hurting and doubting herself. I like that he had Jason to talk to about it and wasn’t all Spinelli-ish about it.

I also liked that Maxie reached out to ‘sister’ Robin for an ear to listen to.

I like Sam, but why does she think she can play Jerry? She’s a smart woman, who’s been around the block a time or two, yet she’s underestimating this sociopathic psycho. Jerry’s not stupid. She’s been rejecting his advances for months. He catches her and Lucky on the docks where they try to pull the wool over his eyes, and then she suddenly turns on the charm. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure something’s going on, and Jerry’s too smart for that. This whole thing will blow up in Sweet Sam’s face.

Liz, Liz, Liz. Why, why, why? I don’t need another Carly. It’s bad enough I have Carly 1.0 and Carly 2.0 , I don’t need Carly 3.0, no matter how many booty calls you need. Buy yourself one of those hand held battery thingys or better yet, go trolling the doctor’s lounge at work. Someone there is bound to be willing to scratch your itch. Don’t throw yourself at the thug’s feet.