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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.12.08


It's Confirmed! Dr. Matt Hunter is Dr. Noah Drake's son. Noah returns just in time for plenty of drama for both his boys. It looks like its Robin asking Anna to find out information about Matt Hunter. Is this how his paternity is uncovered?

The Clinic goes BOOM today! Matt and Nadine are trapped inside and it's Nikolas to the rescue.

Lulu tells her brothers that Laura is awake. But is she really? Perkie's questioned it and Guza seems to be playing with the fans. Is Laura really awake or just a figment of Lulu's imagination? I hear she's really been awake this whole time but when the boys go to see her, Laura is back in her catatonic state. Will Nikolas and lucky believe that Laura was really awake and coherent? Will Tracy believe Lu?

Liason... Jason's trying to scare Elizabeth away but she tells him his little plan is not going to work. She goes to the Penthouse and tells him he can push her away all he wants, she's going to push right back. RUMORS say the kissing starts when Elizabeth goes to leave and Jason grabs her and plants one on her. I'm hearing of a straddle on the way up the stairs and don't forget, Hurricane Carly interrupts them. That surprise I mentioned? Is the Safe House set getting dusted off?


I thought Spinelli had once before set up a profile for Jason online. I MAY have been wrong as it looks like Maxie suggests they create one. They also create on for Carly and bring it to her. She's not so sure about the plan until Jax walks in to the Metro Court with Leyla on his arm. Then Carly is all for it and wants to know who the computer matched her up with. Is Carly's profile, "carolineonthebeach", most compatible with "scottythehottie?" It looks like the special prosecutor has more on his mind than his son's murder case. EARLY RUMORS had Carly and Jason's profile (I hear they aptly named it "dangerdude") being a match. Jason's not happy about the online profile and Spinelli tells Jason his real purpose for creating it was to prove that Elizabeth is the girl for him.

Casting News...and this time it’s not a new mobster. General Hospital has cast Jaffer Chaudhry as a new doctor at GH. His english accent should woo the ladies and of course there's a bit of mystery behind the character.

Mother & Daughter...fighting over Jerry? Jerry tells Alexis that Sam has been hitting on him according to RUMORS. Alexis confronts her daughter who tells her that yes, she has been spending time with the former Mr. Craig. Is a back story for Jerry coming our way? RUMORS say we'll learn more about what Jerry Jacks was up to while he's been away from Port Charles. I say it's about damn time!

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Johnny busts Lulu out... to go to the Skate wedding??? He pays her a visit once he's acquitted and I hear his acquittal MAY come down to Epiphany and Edward’s vote. When Johnny visits, Lucky shows up and tries to toss him out. Nikolas rides in for the rescue and tells Lucky he ok'd Johnny's visit.

Jax and Leyla...
out on a date. Will they be up in a tree with Nikolas and Nadine? Two enemies are about to fight, if your Robin Scorpio who do you defend? Carly or Leyla?

Crazy Wedding not Sonny and Kate but Robin and Patrick. SPOILERS say they'll be engaged by the end of September, parents by the end of October and spouses by the end of Sweeps. OH and the way they're married is SUPPOSED to be a little odd. OH and I am still hearing that Robin pops the question this time. It MAY take Patrick a few tries to answer as the hospital seems to get in the way of him saying yes.

I love all the comments lately and if you haven't been checking them, here's what you missed yesterday.... BUT FIRST a friendly note/reminder from the SPOILER GURU: Thanks for the great debating the last two days in the SPOILER Blog. I like to stay out of it and merely be a spectator as it provides some great reading material. Elizabeth and Sam fans are AWESOME and surely show their love for the ladies. On that note... please remember that we encourage the debating but NO PERSONAL ATTACKS should be made against any poster or blogger at daytimeconfidential. We're all here to dish on soaps, show how great soap fans are and attacking each is not the way to do it. So please debate away but play nice in the sandbox. Thanks!


I believe the rape RUMORS are dead, for now. Sam SHOULD be telling Alexis about Jerry's dirty dealings. He pleads his case to the DA who is said to go back to Sam before deciding who to believe. IF the kiss happens, BOTH Sam and Jerry leave that part out of their convos with Alexis.

RE: Steve Burton's Contract, it was thought that his contract is up in 09, then it was reported that he said it was up this October, I had heard it was up at the end of October and every other media source is reporting that it is up for renewal this year. I'm not 100% what the real story is. I know that the TNT Miniseries he is a part of SHOULD start filming in early '09 and there are RUMORS that Jason MAY disappear for awhile.


Sonny having another child...that RUMOR has been out there for so long now. I know the man is the most fertile human being on the planet but we had also heard that when Skate decide to have children, he's no longer able to. This latest RUMOR though has to do with a child Sonny possibly fathered as a teen with Kate's cousin Olivia. I apologize to the poster I can't remember who suggested it, but yesterday there was a suggestion that IF the SORAS RUMORS are true for Michael, the two Corinthos boys could duke it out for the business. JUST HAD A THOUGHT... anyone else think that maybe ABC is trying to get Tom P to be the new Michael?

Lulu going more Loco?
That's what's out there. When her sanity is questioned when no one believes her about Laura will Lulu start to lose her mind even more? Also out there...the horrors of the night Logan died are not over. I'm not hearing about more Josh Duhon, but more so the affects of killing another human being taking its toll on Lulu.

No news on the baby name... although we may hear someone offering advice on naming the baby to the parents - to - be.

MORE SCOOP.... could we not be in store for another "it’s not safe" speech? Well we MAY still get one after the whole meeting with Karpov stuff but it looks like when the pair part after they are interrupted by Carly, Jason won't be telling Liz it’s for the best. She's RUMORED to be a little upset that Carly stops their time together. Could Jason be planning on making it up to Elizabeth? There's a RUMOR floating around that he has a surprise up his sleeve.

And on a final (and personal) note... despite the injury and everyone counting them out, I love my Buckeyes so I must end today's post with a GO BUCKS!