Is Luke's Girl Going Bye-Bye, Again?

UPDATE: This just in from TV Guide Canada'sNelson Branco. "Rebecca signed an initial four-year deal with ABC with a one-year out, which expires this winter. If she agrees to stay, she's committed to the soap for three more years, but if she's going to bolt she has to do it now. I hear she is inclined to stay in New York, but she's very unhappy with her storyline right now, and of course, her 'botched' comeback due to the 'real' Greenlee campaign."


ORIGINAL STORY: The latest Suds Report is out and Nelson Branco has a response to last week's blind item. Is an ABC darling, who's return was "botched", ready to leave now that her year deal is coming to an end? Nelson suggests that this blind item MAY refer to no other than Luke's favorite Rebecca Budig. What in the world will our main man Luke do if Greenlee high tails it out of Pine Valley?

When this blind item first made the rounds, Sarah Brown (Claudia, General Hospital) and Susan Haskell (Marty, One Life to Live) were two names that were also thrown into the mix.