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The Young and the Restless: Scoops and Spoilers Update

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Hola boys and girls! Sorry for the delay. I am back from a birthday bonanza for yours truly. Lines are drawn in the sand on The Young and the Restless.


Victor: It seems he's not the man of steel as we initially thought, he collapses.

Colleen:  It seems Brad's little girl solicits Billy to aid her in drawing Daniel to her. Unbeknownst to his niece, Billy has his own agenda.

Phyllis/Sharon:  The old rivalry is starting to take shape as reported months ago.  Sharon is pushed to her breaking point by Phyllis.

Restless Style gang: Things heat up with the partners when a letter goes awry. Sharon pens a letter to Nick about the chaos that has taken place with the magazine. She accidentally leaves the letter on the couch where hubby Jack ends up reading it!

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Smilin’ Jack doesn’t take too kindly to the letter his wife writes to Nick. Jack has always accepted the close relationship the former high school sweethearts have due to their son however, he feels that Sharon is being disloyal to him.

Meanwhile, Nick decides to play homage to his deceased stepmother Sabrina in the next Restless Style issue and wants her opinion on the idea since Phyllis shot it down. She (Sharon) also agrees that the concept is not a great one, which angers Nick. Noah comes to his mom’s rescue and notifies his dad that it was Sharon who went to Victor for assistance and wanted to put an end of the feuding.

Nick apologizes to Sharon and asks if she is responsible for his ownership of Restless Style because of the open line of credit given to him by Victor. While this takes place, Jack walks in and sees the former spouses talking, and is angry. Nick decides to leave, and as he does, Jack hands him the letter Sharon composed.

Still fuming, Jack decides to fill Phyllis in on the letter and both exes agree that there is more to Nick and Sharon’s relationship. They decide to keep an eye on their loved ones and keep each other posted on the situation.

Nick tries to defuse the situation with Phyllis by explaining why Sharon wrote the letter. Phyllis doesn’t believe a word of it and suspects Sharon’s motives are deeper than trying to smooth things over.

Jack decides to take a stand that Sharon backs him or Nick. The choice she makes is stunning.