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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Today, my kudos go to Sarah Brown. Claudia was absolutely brilliant on the stand. Even knowing that every single word coming out of her mouth was a lie, and even knowing what actually happened, I was still sucked into her story. It actually made a weird kind of sense, if you didn’t know the truth. And I’m sure it helped picture her as a victim, to have all those cuts on her face, then having her walk off the stand in visible pain from the car accident. Sarah really made it all completely believable. Still, too much weird, icky chemistry between Claudia and Johnny in the PCPD at the end.

I was glad that Liz was in the shadows and saw the truth that is Jason. I was hoping that it would open her eyes and send her home to her children (or to the hospital to Dr. Leo!!). But no, instead it turned her on even more. Ugh.

Spixie: Loved them today. He said so many beautiful things to her and about her. I don’t understand how she didn’t manage to grab him and kiss him.

Line of the day:

Spinelli to Maxie: "I have never seen you so brave or so beautiful as you are today."

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Anyone else notice the eerie similarities between Liason and Spixie? Spinelli telling Maxie that she is worthy of his attention. Liz telling Jason that he is worthy of her attention. I like and understand Spixie better than Liason and this is coming from a Liz/former Liason fan.

Skate: I like Megan Ward and I do think she’s done a bang up job of showing Kate’s anger, pain and indecision. My problem in this whole thing is Sonny. Give her some breathing room for crying out loud. Stop hounding her already.

Stupid line of the day:

Sonny to Kate: "I’m going to give you as much time as you need to be hurt."

Wow, how generous of him. It was such a pat on the head of the little wimmin moment.