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Y&R: Genoa City's Gossiping Ghoul Girl

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For months I've watched Jana Hawkes-Fisher (Emily O'Brien) turn from kooky, goth, mother-earth-in-waiting-girl to The Young and the Restless' own version of General Hospital's Amy Vining. The entire thing is a bit nauseating to say the least. I never got into Jana, I thought she was a bit of a throwaway character (still do in retrospect), and a bit of a scene filler. After she was revamped from a underworld disciple into an upstanding citizen, thanks to the brain tumor storyline, I tried to give her some leeway to shine and to breakout of the monotonous box that she was trapped in, to no avail.


Today, to put it mildly, I'm just fed up with her. All she seems to do these days is stick her nose into things that don't concern her and cause tremendous fallout afterward. Will someone please shut that girl down? Now that she's married, you'd think that she would try to settle it down. Isn't that what marriage is suppose to do? In Jana's case, all it seems to have done is spark the nosy gene.

I understand that Y&R's trying to find something to do with Jana since she's no longer a cold blooded psychopath. I get that, I really do. It just seems as though the show has fallen short of achieving its goal, which is saying something since I've been loving the show now that its cleaned up the mess that was Let down Latham. Nothing's perfect in Y&R's Xanadu however, can you please decide what the hell you want to do with Jana? Please, pretty please. Either Jana needs to be Beatnik Bessy or Chatty Cathy, just figure out which, and stick with it.

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