Guiding Light: Mel's Guiding Gossip


The drama on Guiding Light is getting serious. An argument, an arrest and a kiss complicate things for the residents of Springfield. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy gossip, rumors, scoops and spoilers for the week of September 15th.

Dinah/Grady/Cyrus: This week, Dinah does things that you won't believe. For starters, she sleeps with Grady! Cyrus catches the two red handed and can't believe his eyes. Dinah tells Cyrus her relationship with Grady is purely business. She needed a partner to take down Bill and Lizzie, and Grady needed convincing. Needless to say, he agrees to help her out and in a big way. He attacks Bill in true hooded and masked thief style. When Dinah finds out what Grady did for her, she is shocked. She didn't think he would go that far. Has Dinah bitten off more than she can chew?


Grady must be in a good mood, because Dinah isn't the only person he helps. When Cyrus ends up in his second home, jail, Grady does all he can to get him out. Exactly what does Grady do to help his brother?

Bill/Lizzie/Alan: Alan's life threatening surgery and subsequent coma doesn't stop Bill and Lizzie's fierce competition. It's Lizzie versus Bill in the boardroom round 3924. The two fight for the Decker deal. New character alert! Tom Decker is Springfield's newest big wig corporate mogul. Anyways, this deal will be huge for whoever gets it. Who will come out on top?  

Later on, when Bill gets attacked, Lizzie sees the whole thing. However, she can't tell that it's Grady. How will this affect Bill and Lizzie's already strained relationship? It can't be good and it's only going to get worse after Bill lets his anger out on a recovering Alan. Just when Bill's anger is growing into fury, the alarms at Alan's bedside sound. Let's just say Bill calms down very quickly.


Remy/Olivia: Remy and Olivia are ecstatic when they learn that Ava can come home. The excitement quickly turns into pure hurt and anger when the duo learns that Ava doesn't want to come home at all. Olivia blames Remy for Ava not returning and they end up in a heated argument.

Olivia is heartbroken, but Remy refuses to give up. He goes to his father and asks for money to visit Ava. Clayton turns him down flat. Desperate, Remy goes to Olivia for help. They agree to call a cease fire and try to bring Ava home.

Reva/Jeffrey/Josh: Jeffrey is so upset that Ava isn't returning home, Reva decides to cheer him up. She suggests they try to go on their honeymoon. After Josh gives Reva a sporty wedding gift, Jeffrey and Reva decide to go on a long drive. Reva throws Jeffrey's phone away so he can't talk to Ava and won't be distracted.

Things are going well until Josh calls Reva with upsetting news. Shayne is missing and possibly in danger. Reva starts freaking out. Jeffrey tries to calm her down but they end up in their first fight as husband and wife. Is it trouble in paradise already?


Rafe/Natalia/Frank: Natalia has a whole mess of trouble ahead of her this week. She is extremely depressed now that Rafe is in state prison. She has lost all faith. Things brighten up for Natalia when Frank comes her rescue. He helps her out with Rafe and receives a kiss on the cheek. Side note: Oh please, please soap gods let Frank get some. He's long overdue. Now back to your regularly scheduled spoilers. The kiss from Natalia prompts Rick and Coop to tell Frank to ask her out. Will he actually do it?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (September 22nd):

  • Olivia has a deal for Natalia that will help Rafe.
  • Alan's old ways return when he wakes up.
  • Josh asks for Cassie's help to find a missing Shayne.
  • Remy is a hero.
  • Doris sets out to make an example out of Rafe.