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Days of Our Lives: Denial Island Preview

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I hope there are plenty of Nicole fans out there. The word is that we’ll be seeing a lot more of the blonde bombshell in the next few weeks on upcoming episodes of Days of our Lives


This week in particular (Sept 15-19), we’ll see her in scenes with Bope defending her marriage to Trent, with EJ when she defends her phone call to the Salem PD reporting Sami kidnapping Allie and with Philip when she rehashes the film noir fantasy to him (please, please, please, can she call him Philly K? Just for me?).  But if that doesn’t do it for you, here’s your Denial Island Preview of what else is happening in Salem this week…

Chloe, like every other woman in Lucas’ life (except maybe for Carrie), is wondering if Lucas is really over Sami. Duh probably not, but I’m begging you, try and entertain him a bit longer because I can almost stand to watch him with he’s with you rather than Sami.  Lucas gives Chloe the standard line, “Of course I love you, we shared something special in the elevator remember?  Oh yeah, Sami, she’s my emotional punching bag, I’ll always keep her around so I can make sure our daughter grows up to treat her like Will does.”  (Oops, did I say that out loud?).  During the week Lucas’s little bro Philly K offers him a job at Titan (because that has worked so well the last few times he’s been employed there) and that’s enough about Lucas.

Roman and Marlena try having Talk No. 3,233,987 with Sami about growing up and being a responsible adult – it’s never worked in the past, I’m not sure why they think it will now.  EJ weighs in with some of his own pearls of wisdom, alerting her to the fact that she’s rather self-destructive… I wonder if he’s just figuring that out now?  I’d like to say the rose-tinted glasses are finally off EJ, but he’s always known what Sami is like and LOVED her for it – I don’t get why he’s being so snarky now. WRITERS! They drive you mad sometimes, eh?  

You know what else drives me mad?  The spoiler that I read about EJ and Nicole deciding to go on a date.  EJami fans, you know what I’m talking about!  Lucky for us, Nicole’s true colors shine through when she is faced with the reality of losing her divorce settlement from Victor – no money = EJ who?  Bope force the truth out of her, namely that she is the woman named ‘Misty Circle’ (LMAO) who married Trent all those years ago, and that they are still married.  Poor, poor Nicole… life is about to get MUCH harder for you… more about that another time.

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So I’m really disappointed about this next part – it seems that Celeste is not back after all (sorry y’all, my mistake).  However, Lexie is still stressing out about Theo’s autism (scenes of which I’m starting to enjoy) and could probably use her mother for some added support (hint hint, Days). Abe tries to reassure her, but he’s got his own problems at work, namely the Mayor of Salem, Anthony Marino (Matthew Borlenghi), on his butt for the hallucinogenic gas hospital lockdown debacle.  Poor Abe, he’s copping it from all sides at the moment and the when the pressure gets too much, he tosses his badge in a hissy fit and leaves the Salem PD.  For good?  Rumors say yes!  Meanwhile, Lexie is also copping it over the hallucinogenic gas hospital lockdown debacle, having to face up and defend herself to the hospital board.  In jumps Dr. Hottie Dan, who speaks on her behalf.  I see sparks between these two…

Speaking of hospitals, Kate lands herself back in one towards the end of the week after she starts coughing up blood (Ewwwww! Look away if you’re squeamish!).  Mommy’s boy Philip gets her to the hospital and calls the other Mommy’s boy Lucas to get his butt down there too.

What is Stefano up to this week?  He’s planning a cocktail party at DiMansion in Marlena’s honor.  Why?  Since when does Stefano ever need a reason to do anything (translation: I don’t know)?  The writers seem to be revisiting Marlena’s drugging of Stefano when she confesses to Hope, it might have something to do with that. Meanwhile, Anna gets over her fear of her father-in-law long enough to implore him to just let the past go and leave his children alone… yeah right!! As if!

Last but not least, the younger set return from France with newest Scooby gang member Melanie in tow (I apologise to all Scooby and Buffy fans everywhere, that was just the first name that came to mind).  Max sees daddy Trent with Stephanie in the Brady Pub and rushes in to confront him – namely to demand an explanation for his pimping out of Melanie (Nicole/Billie and father's anyone?).  When he doesn’t receive a satisfactory response (Trent tries to lie), the fists come out – not before Melanie walks into the pub with Nick and slaps Trent in the face (take that! Kapow!).  After Trent tries to make Melanie leave wth him, Max loses it, smashes a bottle and holds it to his father’s face.  Good thing mom Caroline is around, she manages to talk her hot-headed son down from killing Trent – for now anyway.

Coming Up Next Week:

•    The new Police Commissioner is named – and it's Hope Brady!

•    Someone’s pregnancy test could be turning blue.

•    A discussion between Stefano and brother Jawn over the DiMera empire.

That’s about it Denial Islanders – hope you found something to tune in for and if not, the beauty about being on Denial Island is that you can forget the week ever happened... I think some of the writers live there sometimes...

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer: I'd like to dedicate this week's Denial Island Preview to four special ladies who have inspired my inner snark to bigger and better heights of snarkiness.  You know who you are!