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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I wasn’t thrilled with very much today, so if anyone is looking for only positive, with rainbows, unicorns and puppy dogs, you should probably stop reading now!!

Skate: So basically, he’s threatening her into marrying him. Yeah, that’s romantic. Because every woman dreams of marrying someone who behaves like a 12 year old. If she doesn’t agree to marry him, he’ll break her mirror. And because she decides she doesn’t want her mirror broken (or that hideous thing he was going to break it with), then that means she loves him enough to forget that he was dalliancing with Carly (and will probably again.) I so don’t get the attraction of these two, sorry. Megan Ward (and Kate) is wasted on the greasy little mobster.

CarJax: First off, I’m not sure if I should be happy that Jax got his haircut, because I’m not sure that the buzz look is any better than the rat’s nest he’s been sporting lately. Secondly, Carly, if you want info about your husband, stop being a biatch to the nursing staff. Yes, it was only Layla, but still. Strange Jerry/Carly conversation. And how exactly is running to Jason, again, going to help?

Liason: So, she’s willing to accept that he’s a killer? That’s nice. The only good thing I saw was that, after 40 minutes of her begging him, he finally made the move and kissed her. Oh, and finally, someone who has sex in a bedroom rather than in the middle of the living room. Or rather, almost had sex, thanks to Carly.

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Why would there be no sprinklers (or fire alarm) in the clinic? Why is the fire only contained to one room? Shouldn’t that whole thing be up in flames by now?

Color me surprised that the old lady was AZ’s plant. I thought for sure it would be the guy who’s hitting on Epiphany.

Sweet Lucky/Lulu scene.

Not looking forward to this Jerry/Sam story. I can almost guess where it’s going to go before it gets there.