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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.15.08

How will Jason get involved in the Great Drug Caper?
Thanks to Cody Paul, he knows Karpov was hanging outside of the clinic. Jason's no dummy and knows Karpov had something to do with what happened at the clinic. He'll dig deeper and cross paths with Lucky and Sam. RUMORS say Lucky asks Sam to drop out of the investigation now that they know Karpov was involved in what happened at the clinic. LuSam Fans, this SHOULD be when you get your "I Love You." Is it one sided? I hear Lucky says but Sam is not saying it back. It looks like she may not be able to.

Sam and Jerry kissing more than once?
That's what's out there. How does Sam avoid sleeping with Jerry? Choking?


What's happening at the clinic? Matt's out cold and Nadine is trapped by that fallen beam. Nikolas tells Nadine he cares about her and offers to have her stay at Wyndamere while she recovers.

Scrubs getting married in an ambulance? That's the LATEST. Despite RUMORS that Baby Drake come under less than desirable circumstances it APPEARS that Robin and Patrick make it in an ambulance with a minister in tow? Maybe.

Belinda MAY like this bit of GOSSIP...
I mentioned Alexis not being as clueless as it appears. Is she playing Jerry? IF the RUMORS are true, yep! Will Jerry make a desperate plea when he realizes Alexis really isn't a sucker for his charm? BUT and sorry B, there are still RUMORS that JLex is a go after the bumps.

The jury is deliberating.
Epiphany is the foreperson and she MAY have spotted ZaCrazy's paid off juror. Apparently a woman is a little too sympathetic towards Johnny.


Claudia put on a pretty good performance. Ric questions her and asks if she really did sleep with Logan.

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Lulu thinks she imagined everything with her mom and her condition worsens. Will she try to push away the one person that she's been holding onto so tightly? RUMORS say Lu pushes Johnny away but he's not having it. Will he go to great lengths to be there for Lulu?

EARLY RUMORS had Liason walking away, again, after the Skate wedding.
Remember, RUMORS have Kate getting shot and Jason is SUPPOSED to once again tell Elizabeth it's not safe. I mentioned the "It's Not Safe" talk POSSIBLY not happening. NOW I am seeing that whatever happens at the wedding MAY bring the couple closer. Will they meet in secret again? Will it be more? I am cautiously optimistic. What MAY have Jason crumbling? He wants Elizabeth to have the things he can't give her but for that to happen; he'd have to watch her move on with someone else. Can he handle that?

Jax in the hospital?
Is this how he hooks up with Nurse Leyla? SPOILERS say Jax gets hurt climbing and Carly rushes to GH to see her hubby. He turns her away and seeks out Jason to cry on his shoulder. This SHOULD be when she interrupts Jason and Elizabeth.


Is Carly helping to reunite Kate and Sonny? Not so fast and don't take that too literally. Kate pays Jason a visit and has a convo with Carly. Those two conversations has Kate changing her tune but more importantly it's the fact that if Kate leaves Sonny, Carly wins.

Diane and Max break up?
That's a RANDOM RUMOR out there and DON'T FORGET, Poppa Giambatti is hitting town soon.

Flowers or a gift for Elizabeth? RUMORS say she receives a gift at work with a note asking her to meet at a secret location. Remember I told you the Safe house set COULD be getting dusted off.


More RANDOM RUMORS... Is Jerry getting a secret son? Something happening to Elizabeth? Is this how Jason gets into the Great Drug Caper? Obviously Karpov's involvement will pull him in but could something be happening to Elizabeth that has Jason jumping in? Is Tracy taking Laura out of Shadybrook? Lulu at the wedding? RUMORS have her there.