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Tale of Two Personalities

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I must admit, up until last week I hadn't been that enthused with the return of Tess (Bree Williamson) to Llanview. Yes, there were moments of brilliance but overall I hadn't bought into the story. Maybe it's that this version of Tess felt like much more of a caricature than the original incarnation but something just seemed "off."


Then last week Tess locked Natalie (Melissa Archer) in the basement of Llanfair and let loose on her twin and for the first time since Nash's funeral and the return of Tess I bought into her pain, agony and hatred.

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Both Archer and Williamson put in great performances last week and deserve credit for giving the revelation of Tess return to Natalie their all. Kudos.

For all I know I could be in the minority and everyone else has been loving Tess' return but I thought it would make a good poll.

Have you been enjoying Tess return since her return or have you just recently started enjoying the Tess storyline?