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Tristan Talks Night Shift and The Future of Daytime

Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio, General Hospital: Night Shift) has taken to his blog once again. Tristan is giving fans the lowdown on the differences between Night Shift and your typical Daytime Drama while suggesting that the Night Shift format may work for other soaps such as All My Children and One Life to Live as a way to sustain the genre.


Here's a glimpse:

This means that any of the ABC soaps, AMC, OLTL and GH could foster new offspring by using the same formula and format that created NS. By reaching into to the rich historical vaults all of these shows have, and bringing in a familiar face or two to anchor them, a whole new generation of soaps could evolve. NS, although an offspring of GH hasn't paid it any attention at all. And it doesn't need to. GH is the parent but its child can do its own thing. It's not bound by the weight of history created by its parent. Because the most important asset a daytime soap has ……….is its history.

With what NS has demonstrated so far, we maybe looking at a whole new way to save daytime without actually "saving the show".

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