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Days of Our Lives: Monday's Episode - WTF?

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If you haven't watched yesterday's (Monday) episode of Days of our Lives yet, let me save you the trouble... You could watch the first and last two minutes and not miss a thing in between.  Why?  The fans were treated, or subjected in my case, to an almost complete rehash of Nicole's "film noir" fantasy, that's why.  Now, if you enjoyed this the first time around more power to you, but for me listening to Sami's high pitched voice was bad enough the first time!! 


So why the ridiculously long flashback?  I'm guessing that this episode was being filmed around the time that Ed Scott was fired from his Executive Producer role.  Maybe the planned scenes were scrapped (and replaced with filler) until Head Writer Dena Higley took back control.

Whatever... it's still 40 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

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