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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.16.08

I'm still giddy with the
news that Tiffany and Sean are headed back via Night Shift! And the latest word is that Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) will be beamed back to the Mother Ship for Robin and Patrick's wedding! Here's to hoping that Robin's godfather, Sean, makes his way back as well!


How about a little more Night Shift Scoop? It's the show to watch! Old school 90210 fans might get a kick out of this casting. Remember Brandon's girlfriend Emiy Valentine? The actress' name is Christine Elise and she has been cast as Chad Allen's character's sister.

What is happening on the Mother Ship? Nikolas is determined to find out who torched his clinic. He'll confront his feelings for Nadine first and offer her a place to stay while she heals. Don't forget about the sexual tension he has with Claudia. SPOILERS still say that Nikolas and Claudia give in to the tension despite his feelings for Nadine.

Nadine in hot water with Sasha? She's back to her snooping ways and of course Nadine gets caught. Sasha has some threatening things to say but it is once again Prince Nikolas to the rescue.

Are they going with Ric and Claudia?
I think they should! RUMORS have Ric and Nadine bummed out over the obvious attraction Nikolas and Claudia share.

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Rick Hearst Update: from what I understand, General Hospital has made an offer. Rick has agreed to stay on through Sweeps, whether or not he signs the new deal. Also... I haven't heard anything about Maurice Benard. It appears he has not signed a new deal yet either.

The Brothers Drake... they'll clash even more so now that they know they're related. It will definitely reignite Noah and Patrick's issues but can Robin bring the brothers together? RUMORS say Robin and Matt develop a friendship out of this and it MAY be Robin's delivery that has the brothers coming together. Matt and Patrick are SPOILED to work together to save mother and daughter.

Speaking of Mothers and Daughters... Alexis and Sam SHOULD be clashing over all this Jerry business. Nikolas and Lucky will try to make Alexis understand. Lucky tells Alexis about the Great Drug Caper and I'm seeing the convos get pretty heated. I hear all this Jerry-Sam sexual stuff is SUPPOSED to wrap up but there will be an aftermath to it all. Before it wraps up though, Alexis will see Jerry and Sam together and what she sees is Sam coming on to Jerry.

Is Johnny willing to do what Jason isn't? RUMORS say that Johnny will try to leave his mob life for the girl he loves. Will he succeed? I hear no. RUMORS say Claudia goes to "drastic" measures to get Johnny away from Lulu. Johnny is not having it and neither is Lulu when she defends her relationship to Lucky. Here's a RUMOR to chew on... Lulu and Johnny's families leave them no choice but to do something impulsive to be together. Could they be one of the RUMORED weddings?

Jason and ZaCrazy scenes. Maxie trying to convince Carly to attend the Skate nuptials? Olivia and Kate fight on her wedding day. Diane and Alexis fighting over what they'll wear to the wedding.


Liason RUMORS that are out there... they've also been RUMORED to have a secret wedding coming. I'm not sold on those RUMORS so I caution you to have salt shakers near by when reading RUMORS. He is sending her a gift at work and it does appear that it will be a dress. SUPPOSEDLY, the note with it says for her to put on the dress and meet him at the Safe House. Again, I hate using dates but the week of the 22nd SHOULD be a good week for Liason Fans. Plus it's my birthday week and we all know TPTB read my blogs so I would assume I am getting a nice Liason birthday present. LOL!