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Daytime Confidential Top 20, August

Welcome to fourth edition of the Daytime Confidential's Top 20 celebrity ranking. Each month we rank every current and former soap star, executive, and industry personality covered here at Daytime Confidential, based on your use of

Kimberly McCullough

Did General Hospital'sMaurice Bernard claim the No. 1 spot after losing out to The Young and the Restless'Raya Meddine in July?

Was Victoria Wyndham's appearance on last month's list a fluke or did she hold onto a Top 20 ranking?

Last month no Days of Our Lives star made the DC Top 20. Could this be the month a Salem star returns to the list?

Find out which As the World Turns actor or actress became the first star to crack the DC Top 20.

Discover which former All My Children star made their DC Top 20 debut on this month's list. All this and more in this Daytime Confidential Top 20. READ MORE

Kimberly McCullough

No. 20: Kimberly McCullough - General Hospital - (Down Five)

Kimberly McCullough's popularity among Daytime Confidential readers remains intact though she has fallen on our list. Last month McCullough ranked No. 15. Kimberly's Scrubs co-star Jason Thompson fell off the list in July and doesn't appear within the Top 50 stars we keep our eye on. Might McCullough suffer the same fate next month? Only time will tell.


No. 19: Jake Silbermann - As the World Turns (Top 20 Debut)

Four months ago, when we debuted the DC Top 20, Jake Silbermann didn't even register within the Top 50 stars we keep our eye on. Then in June he appeared at No. 49. In July he climbed to No. 26. This month Silbermann became the first As the World Turns' star to crack the DC Top 20.


No. 18: Victoria Wyndham - Another World (Up One)

Victoria Wyndham is the exception that proves the rule. Last month, the former Another World star made a shocking appearance at No. 19. This month she moved up one spot to No. 18.


No. 17: Eric Braeden - The Young and the Restless (Top 20 Debut)

Eric Braeden makes his DC Top 20 debut a month after just missing out on the DC Top 20 by coming in at No. 27. Braeden's character Victor Newman is mourning the death of his beloved Sabrina (portrayed by Raya Meddine who was last month's No. 1 ranked star).


No. 16: Natalia Livingston - General Hospital (Top 20 Return)

After debuting at No. 16 on the DC Top 20 back in June, Natalia Livingston fell off the list in June and July but reclaims the exact same No. 16 ranking in August.


No. 15: John Paul Lavoisier - One Life to Live (Top 20 Debut)

John Paul Lavoisier is representing for One Life to Live in his DC Top 20 debut at No. 15. Thanks to a front burner storyline JPL skyrocketed to No. 15 after not even registering within the Top 50 last month.


No. 14: Brandon Barash - General Hospital (Top 20 Return)

Brandon Barash's return to the DC Top 20 at No. 14 continues a trend we've noticed for a while now. While Steve Burton and Maurice Bernard continue to hold down the fort within the DC Top 20, they are often joined by at least two or three other General Hospital male actors. So far Brandon Barash, Josh Duhon, Jason Thompson, Dylan Cash and Jason Cook have all appeared at least once on the DC Top 20.


No. 13: Jesse McCartney - All My Children (Top 20 Debut)

Jesse McCartney left All My Children in 2001 but he's doing his best to help his old show out by coming in at No. 13 this month. Only one other All My Children star made this month's list.


No. 12: Farah Fath - One Life to Live (Down Two)

After peaking at No. 4 in June, Farah Fath slipped to No. 12 in August. Down from a No. 10 ranking in July. Fath is the only One Life to Live star to appear on the DC Top 20 every month since its debut in June.


No. 11: Vanessa Marcil - General Hospital (Down Four)

Vanessa Marcil's slide continues. Four months ago she was the DC Top 20's first ever No. 1 ranked star. This month she slipped to No. 11. Marcil's slide might be explained by word that, for now, negotiations with General Hospital fell through and that she's set to appear on Lipstick Jungle.

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No. 10: Rebecca Herbst - General Hospital (Up Eight)

After sinking to No. 18 last month Rebecca Herbst rebounded to No. 10 on this months ranking. The jump might be attributed to General Hospital's teasing Liason fans with the possibility of a little somethin somethin between Jason and Elizabeth.


No. 09: Christel Khalil - The Young and the Restless (Top 20 Debut)

With seven of this month's DC Top 20 stars, CBS came to play. The Young and the Restless'Christel Khalil makes her DC Top 20 debut at No. 9 and is one of four Y&R stars to make the list.


No. 08: Tom Pelphrey - Guiding Light (Top 20 Debut)

How many rumors does it take to propel Tom Pelphrey onto the DC Top 20? Apparently One. The rumor that the former Guiding Light star may be joining General Hospital as Sonny Corinthos' son or Olivia's brother is all it took to get fans digging for more info on him.

Note: Until officially confirmed all stars are listed by their previous soap on our list.


No. 07: Raya Meddine - The Young and the Restless (Down Seven)

Last month Raya Meddine became the first CBS star to achieve our No. 1 ranking. This month Meddine slips to No. 7 on our list as Victor mourns Sabrina's death.


No. 06: Beth Ehlers - All My Children (Down Two)

In the four months we've been tracking the daytime stars Daytime Confidential's readers are interested in, Beth Ehlers is the only current All My Children star to appear in the Top 10 each month. Former All My Children star Sarah Michelle Gellar achieved No. 1 in June but fell off the DC Top 20 this month leaving Ehlers the lone All My Children star in the Top 10.


No. 05: Steve Burton - General Hospital (Up One)

Steve Burton moved up one spot from No. 6 last month. Burton has appeared among the Top 5 stars three out of the last four months. Like Rebecca Herbst, the improvement in ranking might be attributed to renewed interest by fans, thanks to General Hospital's teasing of sex scenes.


No. 04: Nelson Branco - TV Guide Canada (Up One)

Last month TV Guide Canda'sNelson Branco made his debut at No. 5 on our list, thanks to reader interest in the Ed Scott scandal, Higleygate and the Y&R rumors. This month Branco edged up one spot to No. 4 on our ranking.


No. 03: Maurice Bernard - General Hospital (Down One)

Slipping one spot from No. 2, Maurice Bernard popularity remains firmly in tact among Daytime Confidential readers. Both Steve Burton and Maurice Bernard have climbed to No. 2 on our ranking but never made it to No. 1. Now Nelson Branco is within rang of claiming the No. 1 spot. Will either of these three men have what it takes to become the first man to hit No. 1 on our ranking? Check back next month.


No. 02: Caitlin Van Zandt - Guiding Light (Up Ten)

Four months ago Caitlin Van Zandt debuted at No. 3 on our ranking before falling to No. 14 in June. Last month Van Zandt climbed to No. 12. This month Caitlin hopscotched her way to her best ranking ever at No. 2. Does she have what it takes to claim No. 1 for Guiding Light next month? Check back next month.


No. 01: Victoria Rowell - The Young and the Restless  (Top 20 Return)

Four months ago when the DC Top 20 debuted Victoria Rowell ranked No. 3 on our list. Then she fell out of the DC Top 20. Now, thanks to reader interest in a jaw dropping interview on the Daytime Confidential Podcast, Rowell skyrocketed to the No. 1 ranking.

If you haven't listened to the interview check it out here:

Previous No. 1 Ranked Stars:

July 2008: Raya Meddine - The Young and the Restless

June 2008: Sarah Michelle Gellar - All My Children

May 2008: Vanessa Marcil - General Hospital

Further Analysis


Michelle Stafford made her Top 50 debut at No. 21, just missing the DC Top 20.

Carolyn Hinsey, who appeared at No. 42 last month, climbed to No. 25 thanks to the Hinseygate.

Josh Duhon fell from No. 3 to No. 35.

At No. 37 and No. 39 Kyle Lowder and Hunter Tylo are the only The Bold and the Beautiful stars to appear within the Top 50.

Jake Silbermann wasn't the only As the World Turns star to appear in the Top 50, unlike the last two months. Ewa da Cruz ranked No. 40.

Nadia Bjorlin is the only Days of Our Lives star to ever crack the DC top 20. This month Rachel Melvin just missed the DC Top 20 at No. 23.

General Hospital'sSarah Brown rounded out the DC Top 50 at No. 50.